What Handbag do you use?

I envy women with older children for their gorgeous smaller handbags. I love hand bags and had many bags pre-children. I was at a networking on Thursday and one of my friends has started selling handbags and had her business launch on the weekend.  I loved her handbag and this got me thinking. What handbag do you use?  Is it functional, is it about the style or is it just like the lost city of Atlanta where everything gets lost?

Recently I did a big de-clutter and chucked out all my nightclub handbags and pre-children bags. You see I am currently using a red handbag the size of a small suitcase to go out for a morning. You think I was going overnight with everything that is in it. I think I could survive a few days in the outback with ease.

What Handbag do you use - Mumpreneurs WA

My red handbag I use most days is a practical handbag I can fit everything into it. This bag is nearly dead and I am stretching it out for a few more months and it’s gone. The bag is good for size but oh it does my head in as it takes me ages to find anything in the bottom. Packing for a morning out my handbag is packed to the brim, especially on a weekend. I have water bottles, dummies, nappies, wipes, purse, phone, snacks, tissues, diary, business cards and other bits and pieces your would not believe. The other day I was at the doctors and had to look for a tissue in my bag and saw a weird looking brown thing in my bag. I waited until I got home and it was half an old sausage. I was laughing so hard, so nice to be left some left overs from my toddler.

What Handbag do you use - Mumpreneurs WA

Now to my lovely bags. I have two non kid handbags for business days. I love these bags and can actually find things in them. A gorgeous black and white number and a nude colour bag. I feel like a normal and funky woman when I use these. It’s nice. Occasionally I can get away with using my nude handbag now I only have one toddler on the week days. We seem to be able to fit the basics in it.

Now back to my friend Naomi she has started selling the most stylish sunglasses, handbags and accessories with Feri. Her bag is gorgeous. I want three when my kids stop putting there left over sausages in it.  But I just have to share some of the great bags she has since I love handbags.  If you do love any of these or want to see more you can contact Naomi on her Faceboook page or browse her website.

What Handbag do you use - Mumpreneurs WA What Handbag do you use - Mumpreneurs WA  What Handbag do you use - Mumpreneurs WAWhat Handbag do you use - Mumpreneurs WA

Seriously aren’t the gorgeous.  Are you sporting a lovely handbag?  I hope so as it really does make you feel a million dollars to have a stunning bag.

Happy Handbag Day.

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Blocking it out in a Weekly Planner

Blocking it out in a weekly planner - Mumpreneurs WA

One of my New Year resolutions is to try and use a weekly planner for business.  I love a good list, plans and I am really good with my diary.  Got to put it in the diary or I forget and it doesn’t exist.  I mean what is that after children you have a brain like a sieve. Is it the lack of sleep that your short term memory never recovers from??   Now that the school year is starting and we are getting back to routines and work I am determined to systematize my week.  I am blocking it out in at weekly planner.

Here’s the pdf of the weekly planner I made to block out time.    I am putting it on an A5 and sticking it on my desk.  This way each week I know what I am doing on certain days.  I have also put in the priority of my exercise which is also an important goal I am getting back to this year.  Planners need to be customised and work for you.  Last year I did a few of these up and blocked out time after the kids went to bed.  Bong Bong wrong for me.  By the time I had done the bath, dinner and bed.  I was in my pj’s on the lounge having a cup of tea and simply did not have the energy to blog, do the internet etc.  I just needed to wind down and watch MKR or some mind numbing reality show.  I had the right idea of blocking it out but was the wrong time slots.

This year I have popped in my exercise and a few jobs on each day.  I hope to achieve these when my toddler is sleeping or happily playing.  Some of the area’s I am blocking out on my planner are blogging,  social media scheduling,  lead generation and follow up, sponsorship applications,  admin day, filming and course creation. I think these are the big ones.  I keep thinking of things but don’t want to overload myself as there needs to be time for appointments, networking, friends and of course housework (arrrghh).

My questions to you are what are you blocking out. Do you have a weekly planner?  What time do you block out? What do you put in your weekly planner?  Here’s to blocking it out in a weekly planner hopefully it does the trick this year.

Hope you and your kids had a great start to the first day of school yesterday.

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Shop & Style Specialist – Mumpreneur Extraordinaire

Before I had children I had developed quite a cool style. I used to wear funky little scarfs around my neck (1950’s style), gorgeous dresses and funky tops.  I loved shopping, hand bags and shoes. I mean who doesn’t love shoes and hand bags. I had time to shop, disposable income to spend, I had places to go out with my lovely handbags and took them out all the time. Oh how it seems a lifetime ago.

Fast forward to life after two children. Since having children and not having time to shop, my wardrobe has gone to mummy land wardrobe blues. My meaning of mummy land wardrobe blues is all the high heels have long gone, the clothes are drab, the hand bags have gotten larger so I can fit water bottles in it (that leak everywhere), nappies, food, a change of clothes and finally I will squeeze in my purse and phone for myself. Seriously look at the difference in these two bags. One I use today and the other in my single night clubbing days. Ha ha what a riot.  I just can’t get rid of my little bag that I used to take out dancing, that fit cutely around my wrist while I drank champagne.


Ok ok enough about the handbags and back to the clothes. I have become a grab and run mum with my clothes, if I have time I will get to the change room, if I don’t I’ll put it over the top of my clothes and see if it’s not to big. My shops (not of choice but of ease) have become Kmart and Target, I really need to get to Karrinup more rather than pop in to Kmart and Target before or after my food shop. You can image what my wardrobe looks like. I have t-shirts, jeans, denium shirts and a few more t-shirts thrown in for good measure. I am lucky that I do have lots of bottoms, skirts, pants etc I find them easy to buy and know what’s a good fit and looks good. I must confess I have a top problem. I find it hard to buy tops these days. I end up with t-shirt after t-shirt. Jumpers don’t even get me started. Arrrghhhh!!

A couple of months ago I did a massive cull and got rid of all the old, stuff that doesn’t fit (I did keep some I will fit back into again) and the ugly. But I do struggle with getting some nice clothes in my wardrobe and then I feel desperate I have nothing to wear. This is when disaster hits.  I go to the shops all rushed and I do a grab and run. The last grab and run I did ended up with the worse granny top in the world…. I was gutted. I was just confused,  I don’t want to be looking like a granny but I don’t want to be mutton dressed as lamb.  Then strangely a couple of days after getting the granny top and feeling very annoyed at myself for buying it I got a message from Kirsty Noakes from Shop & Style Specialist, an amazing stylist who rang and offered me a styling profile.  Kirsty is bringing me back from mummy land wardrobe blues.

Shop & Style SpecialistKirsty runs Shop & Style Specialist and won Belmont Small Business Award for 2015 for Best Home Based Business. A massive congratulations to Kirsty.  She is amazing. Kirsty is a personal stylist and what an fantastic job that would be. Kirsty helps her clients’ look and feel better in their personal lives. Shop & Style Specialists offers the expert provision of professional styling services in the everyday world.  Kirsty does all of this with two gorgeous baby twins.

Kirsty was so spot on with me it was scary, I think she is psychic. I had to do a little quiz before Kirsty came over and I loved doing that, I had to pick all my favourite clothes and put in my measurements.  Kirsty did a full style profile on me and gave me a gorgeous folder and complete style profile.  This has everything in it, my colours, what to wear,  my body shape, picture for the visual person in me and more.  It’s so excellent I would of never believed how awesome these fours pages are.

Shop & Style Specialist Review - Mumpreneurs WAShop & Style Specialist Review - Mumpreneurs WA

My style profile is invaluable. I came out as a casual/creative. I like to be comfortable but do like a bit of flair. Kirsty told me what I should be looking out for when I am shopping and what suits me. Now when I  go shopping I have been looking at clothes a bit differently, but I’m still struggling with not buying more t-shirts and I must confess I have bought a couple more t-shirts since my profile was done. Opps old bad habits are hard to beat sometimes.

Kirsty cleaned out my wardrobe and let me give you the tip I was very nervous about this.  Seriously look at these photos I had a hammer and an electric screwdriver living in it. Let me tell you they don’t look very stylish on me.

Cluttered Wardrobe

Shop & Style Specialist Review - Mumpreneurs WA

Electric Screwdriver

Shop & Style Specialist Review - Mumpreneurs WA


Shop & Style Specialist Review - Mumpreneurs WA

Here’s my before picture with granny top.

Shop & Style Specialist Review - Mumpreneurs WA

After with all my clothes but put together differently.

Shop & Style Specialist Review - Mumpreneurs WA

What can I say but thank you Kirsty, you have given me hope that I can be a stylish and funky again.  My promise to myself for 2016 is to get to Karrinup for a few more shopping trip without the kids. To improve on my top buying and try on lots of different tops and see what looks good.  I am not going to wear “lounge wear” to the local shops LOL.  I so love that term – “Lounge Wear” and it actually makes me think differently about my clothes when I put them on in the morning.

I would highly recommend Kirsty if you are feeling confused about what’s going on with your clothes, if you have fallen into the black pit rut with no colour, not sure what suits your body type and are in the mummy land wardrobe blues.  Ring Kirsty.  Her style profile has been invaluable.

Contact Kirsty on:

Email:       info@shopandstylespecialists.com

Mobile:     0421 661 393



Shop & Style Specialist Website

Thank you to our gorgeous Mumpreneur Kirsty for one of the best appointments I have had.

So what about you?  Do you feel your wardrobe needs a revamp? Have you got tools or other non-clothes items living in your wardrobe  that need to go?

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Making a Start and Mumpreneurs Business Directory

Mumpreneurs Business Directory - Mumpreneurs WA

Welcome to the MUMPRENEURS WA website.  It’s here!!

Welcome to the Mumpreneurs WA website. Soo thrilled and excited to finally have the website up and running.  Today we are making a start and Mumpreneurs Business Directory is here!!!

I am so excited to present the Business Directory for you. This is will be place you can register your business for free if you are a Mumpreneur both on our Facebook Group and get our Newsletter (subscribe for free on the left side of the website plus get a free 2016 Business Planner).  My goal is to offer a place to advertise your business, or if you need a product or service you can support Mumpreneur Businesses and not get lost on the Facebook page.  I know a few times I have wanted to find a business I saw and then couldn’t find it again.  Don’t worry if there are multi businesses that are the same, remember people pick you for different reason – they have met you, they like your name (true heard this many times), or you live close to them.  If there is a major category that you think is missing please message me with the category idea.  Click here and put your business in our directory.

The website is not complete and all perfect and shiny but then again neither am I. All that will all come. I am currently looking at working with Edith Cowan University on the Vocational Placement Program in 2016.  If I get picked,  it won’t happen till at least March next year. But for now I have learnt a few skills blogging and can get up the basics and get going.  I love pottering along with blogging and working on Worpress it’s fun even if it can be frustrating at times.

I truly believe you can’t wait for the perfect condition to get an idea or start the road to your goals.  If I did wait around for the right conditions in my life I wouldn’t have achieved most on my life goals.  I am more a big picture person than a small details person and tend to just try and go for it and worry about the smaller details later.

Here’s to Making a Start and Mumpreneurs Business Directory.  I hope you like our Business Directory and website with more wonderful and exciting things to come in 2016 for you.  Pop your business in the business directory.

What do you think?  Do you like it?  Leave a comment and say hello.

Have an awesome day.

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