Why you need Holidays?

Bridge Monkey Forrest Bali

It’s early morning in Ubud Bali, the rooster are crowing, the birds are cooing, the cicada’s are cricketing and the kids are stirring to wake up.  There is a cool smells of humidity in the jungle in the air. I have a few minutes of quiet time before our day starts.  Holidays are vital and I can’t think of anything better to spend my hard earnt cash on.  What is is about holidays that we so need? What is it about getting away from our lives which is so important? This why you need holidays?

The world is bigger and more different then what your brain imagines

These days we are so bombarded with so much information and we are over stimulated up to our eyeballs.  Our senses are assaulted more than ever. In fact our poor old eye balls are hanging out of their head with scrolling overload.  We are constantly being consumed through the internet, the papers and magazines.  In the 80’s and 90’s people where concerned about magazines and the impact on us. Now we have even more thrown at us. It’s bloody tiring.  Being away you see the most awesome stuff gives you a break and time to unplug.

Yesterday (when I was on holidays a few weeks ago) I saw the smallest frog in the world, actually I didn’t spot it, my friend daughter did.  Not only where the kids thrilled, I was too.  Yes I could see this on the internet and in fact I didn’t even know frogs got that small. It was about the size of my toddlers small fingernail. It was incredible, sitting in the indent in the stairs.  I love that holidays present you with the new and help your brain grow and exposes you to new people, situations and ways of living.

Lotus Flower with Frog

It’s worth the money

Holidays cost money and they are so worth it.  You work hard and you deserve to spend on yourself. I get really annoyed when I get told “You are so lucky” or  “I want your life”. I have worked my guts out my whole life to set up my life, it’s far from perfect, it’s far from rich but I do live in Australia. I have budgeted since I was born for everything I want. I squirrel away money and even on holidays I am on a budget.  I make choices all the time to live a simple and cheaper life so I can spend my money on holidays with my family.  It’s about choices, do you want to buy the extra cakes when you go for coffee or put those extra $5 away for a family holiday. It does make a difference.

Experience and head space

The experience and the head space are the two underlying factors for holidays. You get to see how others live,  you get to appreciate your life and how you are doing ok. Most importantly you get head space. You get out of yourself and your brain frees itself from all the niggling jobs, nigglings annoyances of the daily grind,  you get time to think, you get time to process and you get time to step away to re-access how you really want to live your life.  We only have one and you never know when it’s going to end.  It resets your buttons to go home, work on your business, your work, your life and more importantly book another great holiday.

Things do go wrong on holidays

Remember holidays are not perfect and things do go wrong.  Kids get sick, you can get ripped off, you can get sick, flights can get cancelled and you can loss your cool and your kids will get tired but this all happens at home anyway.  This trip our flights were cancelled and we were rescheduled from a 3 and a half hour flight home to an 18 hour flight via Sydney home. Did I care?  Not one bit.  I love flying. The best part was that on my cheap trip we didn’t have anything on my epic redirection I got food,  wine and I got to watch two recent movies.  Those two movies were the only movies I watch all holiday. Winning.

If you need a good holiday, can’t remember the last time you got away, I mean really got away. Start squirreling money away and book yourself the holiday. You deserve it and remember one day you will die and you can’t do it then.  Cut out the extra’s in your life and set a budget and get saving.  Not only will you have fun booking, finding accommodation and getting ready. You will have a wonderful experience.

Where are you booking to go on holiday next?

Have a great day.

Cheers Julie xx

What's wrong with the label Mumpreneur?

What's wrong with the label Mumpreneur

When I first started my little MLM business I wasn’t even aware of the term Mumpreneur and now I have a business called Mumpreneurs WA.  Recently I saw a snippet of an interview on 60 minutes Jessica Rudd and she rolled her eyes at being called a Mumpreneur. I felt quite offended by her eye rolling. Jessica Rudd is doing extremely well in China with her business selling baby and mother products and hats off to her, it’s hard work running your own business. Well done Jessica on your success. But please don’t sit there are roll your eyes at all the Mumpreneurs out there doing it tough. Or roll your eye’s with the word “Mum” in it.   Jessica is not in the real world of Mumpreneurship. She is blessed to be the daughter of Kevin Rudd, former Prime Minister of Australia and ultra successful entrepreneur Thérèse Rein. I am sure she has a truck load of help and she has grown up in a very prestigious family and they have connections. Some of us and not quite that lucky to have that backing, that help or connection.

What’s wrong with the label Mumpreneur?  Nothing I think the word Mumpreneur is a true celebration.

There are so many terms for an entrepreneur why do people get the boots into Mumpreneurs. No one is writing or talking passionately about the solopreneur, kidprepreneur, studentpreneur, my friend even calls herself Enjopreneur, got to love that one. Seriously who cares what sort of “preneur” you are. But don’t be rolling your eyes at women who have less little support and trying to make a good crack at being an entrepreneur on their own. Some of us are doing it bloody tough. I’d love to be in China with my house cleaner, driver and cook to help me so I could be an “entrepreneur”. I am sure there would be all this help as I know teachers who have worked in China and they have had this help with their salary packages. I mean bring it on.  Instead I am in Perth in the “burbs” bashing it out.

Why is Jessica not embracing herself as a Mumpreneur, it’s like me saying I am not a feminist. Every single person who believes in the philosophy of equal pay and right for women (which we are still not there yet) is a feminist. I will shout it from the roof tops, as business women and mothers we are Mumpreneurs.  Why? Since 1992 women have increased their time at the workplace but they have not reduced their domestic work load. Women still do twice as much domestic work as men. Although men have increased their time with the care for the children this increase is is made up with play time whereas women make up the majority emotional and physical care of the children (Trends in Domestic Work – Australia Bureau of Statistic ) If you are working or have a small business you are doing just as much as we did in 1992 but you have more workload than mothers in 1992. No wonder we are burning out. That is why we are different to Dadpreneurs. It’s in the statistics.

Labels do help us define who we are and help us on our road in life. People really need to get over being a label, we label ourselves as mothers, wives, girlfriends, sisters, best friends, fashionistas, foodies, cafe goers, active wearers, etc It gives us the ability to identify ourselves, to belong to a group or a tribe. Being a Mumpreneur is not a bad label it’s a label of empowerment, we work bloody hard as Mumpreneurs because being a mum is a tough job and throw a business on to top of it and it can push you to breaking point. You need to have guts, determination, strong boundaries and support. Some of us do this on our own. Embrace being a Mumpreneur, for being a “Mum” and a “Preneur” are two of the proudest achievements I have done in life.

I think I am so offended with Jessica’s eye rolling is that I support a huge network of Mumpreneurs (and you don’t even need to be a Mum to be with Mumpreneurs WA as we are totally inclusive, it just gives Mum’s the opportunity to network with kids).  I love small business and love supporting women in business. Not only do I support my paying members but I support non-member who don’t support me. I do this because I believe from the bottom of my soul of what I do and Mumpreneurs WA. I try to support women in business in every way I can to help their businesses be successful and more forward. I see how hard they work, I see how they need support, I see the connections they create with each other and I do this for very little.  I tag, I share, I blog, I run meetings, I connect people and share knowledge. I do all that I can for women in business and Mumpreneurs this is why I am so offended as I am on the ground supporting the women that make a real difference to our economy. Let me give you the heads up women play a huge part in driving our economy.

Please Jessica don’t roll your eyes at what I do or any Mum in business.  It’s not a term to be put down or sneered at. Seriously get over yourself, of course we are ENTREPRENEURS but we are also proud MUMPRENEURS!!

What are your thoughts do you like or dislike the term Mumpreneur?

If you like or even dislike this article please share as I would be very interested in your opinions.

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Release your inner Writer

release your inner writer

I am not sure what it is about wanting to write books. Does everyone have the desire to be a published author? Or is it just some of us? I have always wanted to publish books despite not having the best grasp of the English language.  Growing up I struggled with English and still do, I miss words out or add in words that aren’t suppose to be there. When I finished year 12 I didn’t even pass English and in fact on my TEE results it actually classed me as “illiterate”. Which I wasn’t but I certainly didn’t have the skills to head on down to Uni-town. Which is where I wanted to be for all the wrong reason, mostly living out of home and partying. But I still have this urge to write and I have a few books inside of me wanting to get out.

I thought if I put it out there that I want to write another book and get some other like minded people on board then I will have to stop procrastinating and actually do it. If I set the tasks up that I want to do that are achievable I can share this with others easily and it makes me accountable. I am certainly no expert when it comes to writing or publishing. I have published one book called A Baby for Mummy on Amazon. After publishing that I felt more confident about going the full hog and getting my cyber safety books up and running again after writing them back in 2012.  I really feel it can be done and if I can do it anyone can.

Getting an online product going for your business is great for your business. Whether you want to write a mini ebook to give away free to clients or subscribers, a book of all your tips and insider knowledge which people can buy on your website or on Amazon. This is an awesome start to getting your online products going.

For me the main thing that stops me is time and then it gets put to the back burner. If you are like me and want to make a start and get that book going. Join my 4 week kick start book challenge. It’s simple and easy motivation to get you going and on the road to writing that book that is burning inside you. It can be a fiction or non fiction book. As we all know it’s a case of blocking out a bit of time and doing it anyway.

Join here. We are starting on Monday the 17th of October and every Monday you will receive an email with a few tips and task to do for the week.  It will only run for 4 weeks and we can move on to other challenges with our books as required.  But for now —-

Let’s get our inner writers writing.

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I Quit


I QUIT.  Yes that’s right I Quit I have had enough. When enough is enough you have to let it go.  Don’t look so shocked we have all quit stuff over the years,  I have quit softball, I have quit smoking (thank God) and I have even quit biting one fingernail called stumpy.  So what am I quitting this time.  This time I quit self doubt.

Self doubt has been a useless friend of mine over the years.  A friend that is not really a very good friend at all.  Self Doubt has sat there and told me I am a fraud for years.  Which is probably why I smoked for so long. So it’s finally sayonara to you my old friend.

Self doubt you don’t get to tell me anymore that I am a fraud. I have proved you wrong so many, many times in my life and now.  Finally after 40 years of you showing up to mess with my head are no longer needed or wanted. In high school you told me I was dumb and I failed school but then after I left school I knew you were wrong. I went back to school and got my Bachelor in Arts majoring in Psychology and even went on to get a Graduate Diploma in Education.  Which spins me out as you always told me I was a bad speller. Which is still a touch true. But doesn’t mean I am dumb.

Then when I did get my Grad Dip and became a teacher, you told me I wasn’t a real teacher. That I couldn’t manage the class. Self doubt made me believe this was true and after having the class from hell I quit after a year.  Then after a few years I returned to teaching.  Self doubt you were wrong again. I am, in fact, a great teacher, I am organised, I have excellent time management skill and developed fantastic behaviour management skills.  You no longer rule my doubts in teaching.

Lastly I started my own business.  The business is slow to start and takes a lot of time. Self doubt you have been whispering in my ear again the same, old, tired and stupid messages of self doubt, fraud, not good enough, and not enough knowledge to know what you are doing.  Well it’s time for you to go. Self Doubt you have been eliminated.  I can’t stand the messages anymore. They quite simply are too old and too tired. Or maybe I am too old and too tired to care.  I have proved you wrong, time and time again.  My others friends determination,  strength, guts and drive have kicked your butt many times and they are the ones I now are listening to.

Good riddance to bad friends.

How about you? Do you need to quit some unwanted friends?  Who are they?

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What fills your Emotional Tank?

What fills your emotional tank - Mumpreneurs WA

After a hard week when you’re reaching empty what do you do to fill up your emotional tank?

On Sunday morning I turned on the TV to catch the morning news and the Sunday Service was on.  I never watch Sunday service shows but what the pastor was saying was so interesting. He asked this question. What fills your emotional tank? I loved this and it resonated with me big time.

The work life balance topic is very interesting to me. I have written previously on the life balance triangle. As mum’s it’s very easy for the triangle to get out of balance or the emotional tank to get empty and not be refilled. As parents we are giver’s and carers and it’s easy to go weeks without taking time for yourself. The tank gets empty.

So what does refilling your emotional tank mean? Refilling the emotional tank is doing things that make you feel good. Not making others feel good by what you have done for them. An activity that fills you up.  It refreshes and revitalises you. What are those things that make you feel awesome afterwards? Is it swimming? Running? Going for a lovely lunch? A simple walk at the river or beach? baking? Yoga? Film making? Cooking? Knitting? Crafts? The list is endless but it needs to be specific to you and your tank.  Something that you can do that makes you fill alive, wonderful, happy and refreshed.

I have let go some of the things that fill my emotionally tank over the last few years with having babies and being busy. One of my New Year resolutions this year is to go to the beach once a week by myself. I want to get back into swimming and surfing at the beach. I think my former glory days of tackling gnarly waves are long gone but even if I am just paddling out and sitting on my board it makes me feel amazing. The water has and always will give me a renewed sense of self, vision and relaxation like nothing can. It’s like the very ion’s from the water transmit into my body through osmosis and recharge my cells. I love the water, being near it, on it and in it.  This is why this is a priority for me and this is what refills my emotional tank.

So what can you do?  What fills your emotional tank?  Can you put a priority to fill your tank one day a week?

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Follow your passion Mad Max

Follow your passion - Mumpreneurs WALast night I had the most amazing conversation with a very dear friend of mine, Donna Hanks who has in the last two weeks published her first book on Amazon (both ebook and paperback).  Her book I Love You has taken three years to publish.  We spoke about following your passion and doing what you want to do.  Donna didn’t know that I had a couple of books in the pipeline and was also ready to publish when she did.  We screamed with laughter about how much we loved doing the books and only making $3 to pay for part of the champagne to celebrate.  When she comes to Perth next we are having an Amazon party to celebrate these big milestones.  Congratulations Donna so very proud of your achievement and I love your book.

Follow your passion - Mumpreneurs WAThen this morning on ABC 24 hours news I saw the most inspiring story about a guy called Adrian Bennett.  Adrian Bennett runs the the Mad Max 2 Museum in Silverton NSW.  Now you might be thinking what is so inspiring about that. Here’s the story about Follow your passion Mad Max.

Follow your passion - Mumpreneurs WA

Adrian Bennett saw the Mad Max movie in England in 1981 and loved it.  Adrian said “If you had told me 34 years ago that I’d be living in outback Australia running a Mad Max Museum I would’ve laughed”  You’d think he was really mad if he had actually said that 34 years ago.  Adrian had an obsession for all things Mad Max but didn’t really start collecting for the Museum until he got to Australia. In 2009 his wife finally agreed to move to Silverton Australia and in 2010 he opened the Mad Max 2 Museum.

Follow your passion - Mumpreneurs WA

Silverton is a small town with a population of 35, near Broken Hill and 1200km west of Sydney.  Silverton is where they originally filmed the first Mad Max.  Silverton is an Australian icon, so many films have been filmed here such as Pricillia Queen of the Desert,  Dirty Deeds,  Mission Impossible 2 and many more.  Silverton gets over 10 000 visitors per year passing through.

When Adrian got to Silverton he said “I knew I was meant to be here”.  I love this.  Adrian set up his Museum and the journey has not been with out challenges. One of the biggest challenges was being in an outback town that hits temperatures of 53 degrees in the summer. Now that is tough going for anyone especially for someone from England to get used to it.

Follow your passion - Mumpreneurs WA

What struck me about Adrian story is a couple of things. His passion was Mad Max and he followed his passion all the way to Australia.  To leave everything you know to move country is huge and not only to move to another country but a very small town in the middle of the outback.  Then when you get there you knew with all your heart that you were suppose to be there.  This blows me away.  Adrian’s Facebook page now has over 12000 likes, brilliant hey. Congratulations Adrian.

Follow your passion - Mumpreneurs WA

You can join Adrian on his Facebook Page,  ring him on 08 80886128 or Email: madmaxmuseum@yahoo.com.au

A big thank you for Adrian for letting me use his awesome pictures from his Facebook page.

The lesson for me from this inspiring story is DO IT and it doesn’t matter what that it is.  Start doing it, start putting it together, the conditions don’t have to be right, it doesn’t have to be perfect you just need to start it.  This week I have always wanted to publish books. I did that this week. I didn’t have any money to do it so I self published for free on Amazon. What a great learning curve and now I feel more confident to publish my other books which I wrote back in 2012.

On Friday I published my first episode of Mum-tales on my You-Tube channel. This was far from perfect as I clicked the wrong button on editing and it blurred out my face. I didn’t even know I had done this until the next day. But a few people had still watched and gave positive feedback on my blurry face. Funny.  Thank you. So Ooopps. I had to fix and re-publish.  What I do is not perfect but I am loving what I am doing. I believe in all my heart this is what I am suppose to be doing.  I am following my passions, it may be a slow road but I feel happy with it.

What is your passion?  Are you doing it?  What is stopping you?

All I can say is follow your passion Mad Max.

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