Meet Sanchia Cayzer

Sanchia CayzerToday I am thrilled to be introducing you to Sanchia Cayzer from Cherry Black Business Builders. Sanchia is the new owner and leader for Mumpreneurs WA.  We could not of had a better, more experienced and exceptional business person to take over Mumprenuers WA. I feel hugely relieved and very excited to see where we head next with this incredible group of business women in Mumpreneurs WA with Sanchia driving the ship.   Today you will get to read a bit more about Sanchia and her background.

Welcome Sanchia.

Hi Mumpreneurs,

I’m Sanchia, and my business is Cherry Black Business Builders. Not what people would call ‘traditional’ accountants; we believe in people first, focusing on a more personalised and less rigid accounting experience.

Cherry Black came about through my passion for helping people grow their small businesses. Working in accounting in Perth for almost twelve years, I’ve worked on and with a wide variety of businesses from listed entities to individuals.

Accounting for me is not just assisting with financial statements and tax returns, but educating a business; helping them to plan, grow and evolve. If you view people as individuals, and not just workers or business owners, a more rounded, complete and powerful picture emerges. This kind of accounting is what I believe in; the kind that goes beyond just ‘money’.

As an accounting firm, Numbers are extremely important, and that’s where our key strength and service to you lies. But we believe we’re at the forefront of the industry, leading a huge change, away from business ‘solutions’ or ‘services’, and towards business building.

At Cherry Black we’ll sit next to you, not opposite you. You won’t catch us watching the clock (there isn’t even one on the wall!). We’ll speak plain English: Accounting isn’t a language. We won’t charge for phone calls or meetings, we’ll just charge a fair monthly fee, and just so you know — we’ll probably be wearing jeans.

This is a business I’m immensely proud of, and humbled to be involved with, and I’m hugely grateful for the opportunity Mumpreneurs WA.

If you have any questions of if I can help you or your business in any way at all, feel free to contact me on 0425 725 386 or


Good bye but not Sayonara

Julie CavaneyPhoto courtesy of Vibrance Studio

Good bye but not sayonara.  Sayonara is a very final term in Japanese, you use it when you won’t see someone for a long time.  The term to say good bye is ja mata or mata ne depending on where you live.   I am not leaving Mumpreneurs WA I am stepping back to free up some time to pursue other life goals.  After experiencing “superwoman syndrome” and burning out at the end of last year and then the passing away of two friends recently I know I can’t do it all and in fact I don’t want to do it all.

Mumpreneurs WA has been an incredible ride.  I want to take the opportunity to say a massive thank you to you for all the support you have given me and this community to help grow it. It certainly takes a village and you are such an incredible village. I am so proud to be a part of it. Thank you for believing in me and Mumpreneurs WA.  My biggest achievement is forming so many incredible friendships and relationships with so many amazing and beautiful women. This is invaluable and priceless and as I move to the next phase of my business journey I am truly blessed to have these wonderful women in my life.

So where to from here you ask. As many of you know I am a teacher and I will be returning to teaching. My next big goal is to become fluent in Japanese and become a Japanese Language teacher in primary schools. I love all things Japanese and in life you have to follow your passion and do what you love as it is too short not to. I start university this semester and extremely excited and nervous but I know I have got this.

Are my business days over? No, Nope and いいえ. I think once you start in small business you have small business fever. I have some other projects on the back burner which I would like to achieve and get up and running before I am back in the classroom and my time gets tighter again. If you would like to follow me still. You can subscribe to my blogs on Julie in the Making or follow my Julie in the Making Facebook Page. I will be activating that again as I simply can’t help myself.

We will be seeing you at networking meetings soon and keep your eye on what events are coming up for 2017.  I am excited to be handing over to Sanchia Cayzer from Cherry Black Business Builders and will feature her in our next blog so you can get to know a bit more about her. I can’t be more thrilled to be passing my “baby” to Sanchia she has a wealth of business experience.

For now it’s good bye but not sayonara.

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Warning: You can’t build your business without real relationships

Building relationship

It’s not often that I come across people in business who have no idea about building relationships. I suppose when you start out you go through a bit of a spamming stage of wanting to shout out to the world of what you do but this subsides quickly once you have to really get down to business. Warning: You can’t build your business without real relationships. You need to network and be interested in people not just pretend to be interested but really be interested.  Here are my top tips for building relationships.

If I haven’t meet you or conversed with you online don’t inbox me your sale pitch

Huge mistake, big mistake and a rookie mistake. Don’t inbox me or ring me talking all about yourself and flogging your wares to me. I don’t know you and I don’t care what it is that is going to change my life or my business I have no relationship with you. When you don’t care about me and you only want my money. Bing Bong you are gone.

You need to be authentic

If I am really your target market and you want a relationship with me. Care about me. Actually be real and not a fake, fair weather relationship. At Mumpreneurs WA we have built real relationships with each other, we care and we support each other. It’s meaningful. I don’t get spammed and love to share at any stage businesses of our Mumpreneurs when ever I can help them and I know they do the same for me. Why? I know they care about me and I care about them as people and I care about the friendships. It’s not rocket science and it’s really that simple.

Get out and start networking

It’s like snail mail you just can’t beat it. The same with real, face to face networking. You need it. You can’t network all the time and be everywhere as you won’t get any work done. But it’s vital you do network with your target market. There are many great networking and business groups. My favourites of are Mumpreneurs WA (lol of course and you can network with your kids), District 32 is insanely good value for all the events and business support you get and Joondalup Women in Business where you get invaluable business education.  Not only do get to build the relationships with other business women but you can form great alliances with other businesses.

Business relationship building can take some time. I am not a shy or reserved person and I found it hard when I first started business networking. The groups I am involved with are so friendly and warm it’s hard not to keep going back for more.  This is all a part of building your brand and your business.

What are your favourite business networking groups?

Cheers Julie xx

How to run your business without selling a kidney

How to run your business without selling a kidney

Business is hard. There is so much too do it can be quite overwhelming. Yes you can outsource but in the beginning money is tight and you could easily sell a kidney, get into debt and blow the budget with your new business. Here’s my top tips on How to run your business without selling a kidney.

Time management with scheduling

There are great website that can schedule all your posts for your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and social media. If you are time poor, you can sit down on a Friday night or a Sunday afternoon watching a movie or drinking a glass of wine and schedule your posts for the month. My favourite is Bufferapp and on Facebook you can schedule on your business page with the drop down triangle when you go to publish. If you have run out of ideas follow Andy K Business Mentor and Inspirational Speaker she has loads of great idea’s of what to schedule for the month.

Use Freebie website

Customer Relation Management can be expensive. When you are first starting out use the freebies sites like Waveapp, Agilecrm or go old school and use a spreadsheet. These are all free (and more great advice from Andy K). One of the best tips I got from Suze Trappit from Cherish Cherub Babysitting told me to until your business is groaning and you have to up grade from free or outsource do it then not before. Suze was a one woman show for a while doing everything and now has 3 employees and over 100 babysitters.

Follow what you need through Facebook or email lists.

If you need a professional photographer for business shots follow a photographer you like. Vibrance Studio or ShaBo Studio photographers offers great deals at times to get the professional shots you need at affordable prices. If you follow them or subscribe to their email list you will get a good deal when they come up and they are fabulous photographers.

Follow the people you love and take up their great offers.  The best business coaches or entrepreneurs online can give you heaps of tips online. Two of my favourites are Janine Davison from Exposure Coach and Sarah Cordiner from Main Training. These ladies are legends.  They are a must follow if you are in business.

Learn how to do it yourself

This is a hard one and the most painful part of running a small business. You have to learn how to do it yourself. I built websites through WordPress, created my own graphic on Canva, learnt Vector images and more. It’s a never ending story as they say. Sometime you just have to take the time do the god damn tutorials which there are thousands of freebies on Youtube to help you. It always makes me groan when I have to start learning something new but I do feel great when accomplishing it.

“Business is easy” said no one ever. It has the ups and the downs but you don’t need to sell your kidney to run your business. There are loads of great freebies to use when you are a micro business or in the start up phases.  When business is booming you can up grade but until then there is heaps of great resources online.

Have a fabulous Business Day today and if you know someone who needs to read this. Please share with the buttons below and tag them. Thanks.

Julie xx

How Teaching and Small Business are the Same

how Teaching and small business are the same

After being in small business for nearly two years I have learnt a lot.  I am no millionaire but mind you I have chopped and changed to find what fits for me and what I really want to do. I view this as my apprenticeship and I know there is no overnight success stories and there is always a background story. My background is teaching and I’ve come to the conclusion that teaching and small business are the same. They are both hard work. Others can often view teaching as easy street with lots of holidays or small business owners sitting around in their pj’s with a cuppa working. Nothing could be further from the reality. Here’s how teaching and small business are the same.

The work is endless

The work is endless there is always something to do. You can work yourself into an early grave and many a small business owner and teachers have left due to the overwhelming workload. If you are not marking. planning or teaching there is always departmental paperwork to be completed so that the everything is accountable. In small business there are the clients, the back office work, the accounts, marketing, social media, blogging, follow up and networking. I have known many a small business owner and teacher who have burnt out and had to quit.  It’s not for the faint hearted.

You totally need to see the big picture

You need to see the big picture and not get stuck on the small details. With trying to balance work and life if you spend hours fiddling around with charts, clean classrooms or marking every piece of work your students created……start digging that grave now. It’s the same in small business you need to have a clear focus of what you want to achieve with your business, which is why a business plan is essential or you can be aimlessly drifting for one thing to the next (Urrrmm I need my own advice here LOL, an update is in order). In small business you can waste hours on social media, making lovely Canva post, messing around with the lovely excel spreadsheets for your accounts and cleaning up. Fine details are great but you do need to keep it in check. To have a business you need to have customers and to get customers you need to be out there letting people know about your business. You can’t be the best kept secret, you are more likely to do business with someone you have meet you need to be out there.

Your clients are not always going to easy

Your clients are not going to always be easy. There are times when they are going to be so demanding it will take all your energy. Unless you don’t work with humans, then you will experience this. Clients and students can be unreasonable, grumpy, talk back, not act how you want, expect you to give them the world for free and cause you to scream into your pillow at night.   Keep in mind there are only a few of these clients and most will love you.

There are big fist pump moments

There can be huge fist pump moments. When you have a win with the penny dropping for a student, moving a student forward either academically or behaviourally, getting that client you wanted or that Facebook post going viral. It’s these moments that push you through the tough times. Fist pump moments that make it worth it.  Keep going you can do it.

Teaching and small business are not so different. They both require hard work, dedication and can be lots of fun. When times get tough remember there are others out there with the same experience as you and you are not alone. If you feel alone we run three networking events each month for you. Come and check us out get the support you need in small business.

Do you think teaching and small business is the same?

Keep going, you are doing great.

Julie xx

Parents STOP complaining about school holidays

Parents Stop Complaining about school holidaysIt’s that time of year again and you have 6 weeks of holidays with your beloved children. In the last couple of days I have seen a few articles of Mum’s complaining about the school holidays and how long they are. These articles have made my blood boil. They state I love my children but the holidays are too long. You can’t be serious. One called for shorter holidays for the kids. I think she had forgotten that that her little humans are actually children. They are not meant to be flogging it out full time. Parents STOP complaining about the school holidays and lets address some of the complaints.

School Holidays are expensive

Yes that is right they do cost money to have a wonderful experiences and give your child interesting and fun things to do that are engaging to their mind, body and souls. But if you are like me and you live on the smell of petrol you can still have fun and inexpensive times with your children. Look here for a great list from Kids Around Perth of things to do around Perth that are cheap or here’s a list of 100 Activities from Buggy Buddys. Remember at times kids do need chill out days are home kicking around whinging they are bored.

Children are never out of the fridge and always eating

Don’t even me started. They are your kids you feed them anyway. THE END.

You have to give up work time

True you do have to give up time with work to look after your own kids. It’s called parenting, it’s what you signed up for when you gave birth. One article complained about that fact that this falls to the woman and quoted statistics how much time a woman loosing at work. In all honesty I would much rather be spending time with my kids then working but if you are a career woman kudos to you. You just have to suck it up and sort it out.

Husbands don’t share the responsibility

Fathers/husbands don’t even know when the holidays are and don’t share the responsibility. I have zero sympathy if you have a husband that is like that and you should address it with him for his lack of parenting responsibilities. If you are a single parent, work it out with your ex and if you have a drop kick father, yes it’s hard but you still have to manage just like solo parents, like myself who are bloody grateful to have whinging kids.  Some don’t even get the chance to have kids.

School should have less holidays as the school results need improving

If you feel so passionate about this write to the Curriculum Board who pack in ridiculous amounts of outcomes to be achieved. Teachers and students work incredibly hard at school. If you want better results for student put in the the time at home. If you want to lift your own child’s results it’s also your responsibility to help your child’s education. Sadly it’s a real struggle to get homework returned, teachers can’t do it all.

School should have longer school terms it helps the families with childcare

It’s not the responsibility of the schools to look after your child and parent them because you want to work. I have no words for comments like this, well actually I do. If you are a teacher like myself you see how tired your students get and particularly towards the end of the year. They work hard at school with a packed curriculum, they need to rest and recoup. I have known children who go into full time care during the holidays and they never have enough down time for themselves. These kids are very tired. They don’t even look forward to holidays which makes me incredibly sad.

Holidays can be hard work with your kids but that is reality. Before you know it they will be moving out of home and you can work 100 hours per week, have a full fridge of food, no fighting and no mess. I am sure you will miss those summer holidays down the beach eating ice cream. Bottom line stop complaining and enjoy the ride as it doesn’t last.

What do you think about school holidays?

Please share this article.

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Top 5 tips for Writing Simple Blogs

5 top tips for writing simple blogs

During our last networking meeting last week. A few of the Mumpreneurs were interested in how to do simple blogs to help their SEO on their website but didn’t know where to start. You only need short blogs to help your website be active, about 300 words recommends Andie Noon from Scruffy Dog Studio’s.

Here are my Top 5 tips for Writing simple Blogs to help keep your website active.

1. Choose Easy Topics about your products or services.

You have a wealth of knowledge about your business area. Whether your sell a product or a service. Share what you know about it. If you are selling make up write a blog on best ways to apply foundation.

2. Come up with a list of topics you can choose from.

Sit down and create a list of topics you could blog on. Each week keep adding to the topics and then choose one to write on. Makes it easy to pick from a list then feeling like you have nothing to write on.

3. Choose 3 links.

In your blog have at least three links out to other websites. If you are mentioning anyone else at all pop a link in to them. Build relationships between your websites.

4. Only 300 words

You only need 300 words to keep have activity. This blog only 353 words. It’s very short and it’s only a bit longer than some of the post we do on Facebook.

5. If you can talk you can write.

I have never been any good at writing but I do it anyway. The more you write the better you become. I struggle with grammar, spelling and flow. Write like you talk, use the conversation in your head and pop it down on the computer.

To throw out 300 words only takes around half and hour to do over a coffee. Don’t be scared to write as you have a wealth of knowledge all there inside you. Do a few bullet points and you are on your way.

What scares or stops you from blogging?

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What's wrong with the label Mumpreneur?

What's wrong with the label Mumpreneur

When I first started my little MLM business I wasn’t even aware of the term Mumpreneur and now I have a business called Mumpreneurs WA.  Recently I saw a snippet of an interview on 60 minutes Jessica Rudd and she rolled her eyes at being called a Mumpreneur. I felt quite offended by her eye rolling. Jessica Rudd is doing extremely well in China with her business selling baby and mother products and hats off to her, it’s hard work running your own business. Well done Jessica on your success. But please don’t sit there are roll your eyes at all the Mumpreneurs out there doing it tough. Or roll your eye’s with the word “Mum” in it.   Jessica is not in the real world of Mumpreneurship. She is blessed to be the daughter of Kevin Rudd, former Prime Minister of Australia and ultra successful entrepreneur Thérèse Rein. I am sure she has a truck load of help and she has grown up in a very prestigious family and they have connections. Some of us and not quite that lucky to have that backing, that help or connection.

What’s wrong with the label Mumpreneur?  Nothing I think the word Mumpreneur is a true celebration.

There are so many terms for an entrepreneur why do people get the boots into Mumpreneurs. No one is writing or talking passionately about the solopreneur, kidprepreneur, studentpreneur, my friend even calls herself Enjopreneur, got to love that one. Seriously who cares what sort of “preneur” you are. But don’t be rolling your eyes at women who have less little support and trying to make a good crack at being an entrepreneur on their own. Some of us are doing it bloody tough. I’d love to be in China with my house cleaner, driver and cook to help me so I could be an “entrepreneur”. I am sure there would be all this help as I know teachers who have worked in China and they have had this help with their salary packages. I mean bring it on.  Instead I am in Perth in the “burbs” bashing it out.

Why is Jessica not embracing herself as a Mumpreneur, it’s like me saying I am not a feminist. Every single person who believes in the philosophy of equal pay and right for women (which we are still not there yet) is a feminist. I will shout it from the roof tops, as business women and mothers we are Mumpreneurs.  Why? Since 1992 women have increased their time at the workplace but they have not reduced their domestic work load. Women still do twice as much domestic work as men. Although men have increased their time with the care for the children this increase is is made up with play time whereas women make up the majority emotional and physical care of the children (Trends in Domestic Work – Australia Bureau of Statistic ) If you are working or have a small business you are doing just as much as we did in 1992 but you have more workload than mothers in 1992. No wonder we are burning out. That is why we are different to Dadpreneurs. It’s in the statistics.

Labels do help us define who we are and help us on our road in life. People really need to get over being a label, we label ourselves as mothers, wives, girlfriends, sisters, best friends, fashionistas, foodies, cafe goers, active wearers, etc It gives us the ability to identify ourselves, to belong to a group or a tribe. Being a Mumpreneur is not a bad label it’s a label of empowerment, we work bloody hard as Mumpreneurs because being a mum is a tough job and throw a business on to top of it and it can push you to breaking point. You need to have guts, determination, strong boundaries and support. Some of us do this on our own. Embrace being a Mumpreneur, for being a “Mum” and a “Preneur” are two of the proudest achievements I have done in life.

I think I am so offended with Jessica’s eye rolling is that I support a huge network of Mumpreneurs (and you don’t even need to be a Mum to be with Mumpreneurs WA as we are totally inclusive, it just gives Mum’s the opportunity to network with kids).  I love small business and love supporting women in business. Not only do I support my paying members but I support non-member who don’t support me. I do this because I believe from the bottom of my soul of what I do and Mumpreneurs WA. I try to support women in business in every way I can to help their businesses be successful and more forward. I see how hard they work, I see how they need support, I see the connections they create with each other and I do this for very little.  I tag, I share, I blog, I run meetings, I connect people and share knowledge. I do all that I can for women in business and Mumpreneurs this is why I am so offended as I am on the ground supporting the women that make a real difference to our economy. Let me give you the heads up women play a huge part in driving our economy.

Please Jessica don’t roll your eyes at what I do or any Mum in business.  It’s not a term to be put down or sneered at. Seriously get over yourself, of course we are ENTREPRENEURS but we are also proud MUMPRENEURS!!

What are your thoughts do you like or dislike the term Mumpreneur?

If you like or even dislike this article please share as I would be very interested in your opinions.

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3 Ways to Deal with Small Business Burn Out

3 ways to deal with small business burn out - Mumpreneurs WA

It’s all getting to much for you. You’re suffering with stress overload, your children are not getting the attention they need and you know it, the house looks like a bomb and has been hit by a nuclear bomb and you can’t get on top of your small business tasks. You are bending under the pressure of your small business. Here are 3 Ways to Deal with Small Business Burn Out.

You have three options.


People talk about outsourcing and if you can afford it in your budget do it! Your time is also money and this will free up more time for you to do what you need to be doing. I am only just getting to the stage to outsource a little bit of my website work and I am really exciting to be passing some work off to Kirsty Morton from Kristy Morton Consultancy for some of the tasks that need fixing on my WordPress. I can’t tell you how much of a relief I feel to pass some of this work off. I could do it myself but I actually value the time more at the moment than the money. Time is also of great value when you are a stress out maniac. You don’t need to do everything all the time yourself.  This has taken me a long time to learn. There are lots of excellent virtual assistants that can also help you with some of your tasks to free up time.  I never really knew what a VA did but Sharon Pegrum wrote an awesome article on how they can help your small business – Why you should hire a small business? Give it a read and see if you need a VA and you can go local rather then overseas.

Pull back

Yes I said it. As entrepreneurs we don’t want to hear it and we get messages on Facebook all the time about struggle through the tough times, you can do it, bust through the hardships, break down walls etc etc. I am getting a bit tired of it. Sometimes this is a crock of shit when you have small children. Your kids are small only a very short time and they they are the top of the list. You can work your guts out when they get a bit older and off doing their own thing. Small children are hard work and time demanding. Pull back on the work. It can wait, your children can’t. It’s ok to pull back.

Stay the Same

Don’t change a thing. Continue to do what you have been doing and you will burn out. At my worst I was so tired and trying to processes stuff on my wordpress at night my thinking was delaying and I had to concentrate so hard to keep focused on simple tasks. This is not a good thing. Not only can you not do task efficiently but the stress from the house and children is too much as well. You feel overwhelmed by the piling housework and tasks you need to do. This doesn’t make for a happy life now and the now is very important in life too. There is something to be said for being grateful for now and living in the moment.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying give up your entrepreneurial goals or close your small business. You have only so much time and we all have the same amount of time. I am very good with my time management and always have been. But I have struggled with doing everything and I can’t. I pulled back and it was the best thing I ever did. I am now having weekends off except for a bit of writing which I love to do. I am having nights off and watching The Block or Masterchef. Plus I am having movie night on Fridays, it’s awesome. I feel happier and my house is cleaner and my kids are happier as I am not so grumpy and overwhelmed with everything.

Think about what is really important to you in the big scheme of things. It’s easier to do than what you think. Remember it’s your business and it’s on your terms.

Have a great week.

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