Warning: You can’t build your business without real relationships

Building relationship

It’s not often that I come across people in business who have no idea about building relationships. I suppose when you start out you go through a bit of a spamming stage of wanting to shout out to the world of what you do but this subsides quickly once you have to really get down to business. Warning: You can’t build your business without real relationships. You need to network and be interested in people not just pretend to be interested but really be interested.  Here are my top tips for building relationships.

If I haven’t meet you or conversed with you online don’t inbox me your sale pitch

Huge mistake, big mistake and a rookie mistake. Don’t inbox me or ring me talking all about yourself and flogging your wares to me. I don’t know you and I don’t care what it is that is going to change my life or my business I have no relationship with you. When you don’t care about me and you only want my money. Bing Bong you are gone.

You need to be authentic

If I am really your target market and you want a relationship with me. Care about me. Actually be real and not a fake, fair weather relationship. At Mumpreneurs WA we have built real relationships with each other, we care and we support each other. It’s meaningful. I don’t get spammed and love to share at any stage businesses of our Mumpreneurs when ever I can help them and I know they do the same for me. Why? I know they care about me and I care about them as people and I care about the friendships. It’s not rocket science and it’s really that simple.

Get out and start networking

It’s like snail mail you just can’t beat it. The same with real, face to face networking. You need it. You can’t network all the time and be everywhere as you won’t get any work done. But it’s vital you do network with your target market. There are many great networking and business groups. My favourites of are Mumpreneurs WA (lol of course and you can network with your kids), District 32 is insanely good value for all the events and business support you get and Joondalup Women in Business where you get invaluable business education.  Not only do get to build the relationships with other business women but you can form great alliances with other businesses.

Business relationship building can take some time. I am not a shy or reserved person and I found it hard when I first started business networking. The groups I am involved with are so friendly and warm it’s hard not to keep going back for more.  This is all a part of building your brand and your business.

What are your favourite business networking groups?

Cheers Julie xx

How to run your business without selling a kidney

How to run your business without selling a kidney

Business is hard. There is so much too do it can be quite overwhelming. Yes you can outsource but in the beginning money is tight and you could easily sell a kidney, get into debt and blow the budget with your new business. Here’s my top tips on How to run your business without selling a kidney.

Time management with scheduling

There are great website that can schedule all your posts for your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and social media. If you are time poor, you can sit down on a Friday night or a Sunday afternoon watching a movie or drinking a glass of wine and schedule your posts for the month. My favourite is Bufferapp and on Facebook you can schedule on your business page with the drop down triangle when you go to publish. If you have run out of ideas follow Andy K Business Mentor and Inspirational Speaker she has loads of great idea’s of what to schedule for the month.

Use Freebie website

Customer Relation Management can be expensive. When you are first starting out use the freebies sites like Waveapp, Agilecrm or go old school and use a spreadsheet. These are all free (and more great advice from Andy K). One of the best tips I got from Suze Trappit from Cherish Cherub Babysitting told me to until your business is groaning and you have to up grade from free or outsource do it then not before. Suze was a one woman show for a while doing everything and now has 3 employees and over 100 babysitters.

Follow what you need through Facebook or email lists.

If you need a professional photographer for business shots follow a photographer you like. Vibrance Studio or ShaBo Studio photographers offers great deals at times to get the professional shots you need at affordable prices. If you follow them or subscribe to their email list you will get a good deal when they come up and they are fabulous photographers.

Follow the people you love and take up their great offers.  The best business coaches or entrepreneurs online can give you heaps of tips online. Two of my favourites are Janine Davison from Exposure Coach and Sarah Cordiner from Main Training. These ladies are legends.  They are a must follow if you are in business.

Learn how to do it yourself

This is a hard one and the most painful part of running a small business. You have to learn how to do it yourself. I built websites through WordPress, created my own graphic on Canva, learnt Vector images and more. It’s a never ending story as they say. Sometime you just have to take the time do the god damn tutorials which there are thousands of freebies on Youtube to help you. It always makes me groan when I have to start learning something new but I do feel great when accomplishing it.

“Business is easy” said no one ever. It has the ups and the downs but you don’t need to sell your kidney to run your business. There are loads of great freebies to use when you are a micro business or in the start up phases.  When business is booming you can up grade but until then there is heaps of great resources online.

Have a fabulous Business Day today and if you know someone who needs to read this. Please share with the buttons below and tag them. Thanks.

Julie xx

How Teaching and Small Business are the Same

how Teaching and small business are the same

After being in small business for nearly two years I have learnt a lot.  I am no millionaire but mind you I have chopped and changed to find what fits for me and what I really want to do. I view this as my apprenticeship and I know there is no overnight success stories and there is always a background story. My background is teaching and I’ve come to the conclusion that teaching and small business are the same. They are both hard work. Others can often view teaching as easy street with lots of holidays or small business owners sitting around in their pj’s with a cuppa working. Nothing could be further from the reality. Here’s how teaching and small business are the same.

The work is endless

The work is endless there is always something to do. You can work yourself into an early grave and many a small business owner and teachers have left due to the overwhelming workload. If you are not marking. planning or teaching there is always departmental paperwork to be completed so that the everything is accountable. In small business there are the clients, the back office work, the accounts, marketing, social media, blogging, follow up and networking. I have known many a small business owner and teacher who have burnt out and had to quit.  It’s not for the faint hearted.

You totally need to see the big picture

You need to see the big picture and not get stuck on the small details. With trying to balance work and life if you spend hours fiddling around with charts, clean classrooms or marking every piece of work your students created……start digging that grave now. It’s the same in small business you need to have a clear focus of what you want to achieve with your business, which is why a business plan is essential or you can be aimlessly drifting for one thing to the next (Urrrmm I need my own advice here LOL, an update is in order). In small business you can waste hours on social media, making lovely Canva post, messing around with the lovely excel spreadsheets for your accounts and cleaning up. Fine details are great but you do need to keep it in check. To have a business you need to have customers and to get customers you need to be out there letting people know about your business. You can’t be the best kept secret, you are more likely to do business with someone you have meet you need to be out there.

Your clients are not always going to easy

Your clients are not going to always be easy. There are times when they are going to be so demanding it will take all your energy. Unless you don’t work with humans, then you will experience this. Clients and students can be unreasonable, grumpy, talk back, not act how you want, expect you to give them the world for free and cause you to scream into your pillow at night.   Keep in mind there are only a few of these clients and most will love you.

There are big fist pump moments

There can be huge fist pump moments. When you have a win with the penny dropping for a student, moving a student forward either academically or behaviourally, getting that client you wanted or that Facebook post going viral. It’s these moments that push you through the tough times. Fist pump moments that make it worth it.  Keep going you can do it.

Teaching and small business are not so different. They both require hard work, dedication and can be lots of fun. When times get tough remember there are others out there with the same experience as you and you are not alone. If you feel alone we run three networking events each month for you. Come and check us out get the support you need in small business.

Do you think teaching and small business is the same?

Keep going, you are doing great.

Julie xx

Top 5 tips for Writing Simple Blogs

5 top tips for writing simple blogs

During our last networking meeting last week. A few of the Mumpreneurs were interested in how to do simple blogs to help their SEO on their website but didn’t know where to start. You only need short blogs to help your website be active, about 300 words recommends Andie Noon from Scruffy Dog Studio’s.

Here are my Top 5 tips for Writing simple Blogs to help keep your website active.

1. Choose Easy Topics about your products or services.

You have a wealth of knowledge about your business area. Whether your sell a product or a service. Share what you know about it. If you are selling make up write a blog on best ways to apply foundation.

2. Come up with a list of topics you can choose from.

Sit down and create a list of topics you could blog on. Each week keep adding to the topics and then choose one to write on. Makes it easy to pick from a list then feeling like you have nothing to write on.

3. Choose 3 links.

In your blog have at least three links out to other websites. If you are mentioning anyone else at all pop a link in to them. Build relationships between your websites.

4. Only 300 words

You only need 300 words to keep have activity. This blog only 353 words. It’s very short and it’s only a bit longer than some of the post we do on Facebook.

5. If you can talk you can write.

I have never been any good at writing but I do it anyway. The more you write the better you become. I struggle with grammar, spelling and flow. Write like you talk, use the conversation in your head and pop it down on the computer.

To throw out 300 words only takes around half and hour to do over a coffee. Don’t be scared to write as you have a wealth of knowledge all there inside you. Do a few bullet points and you are on your way.

What scares or stops you from blogging?

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3 Ways to Deal with Small Business Burn Out

3 ways to deal with small business burn out - Mumpreneurs WA

It’s all getting to much for you. You’re suffering with stress overload, your children are not getting the attention they need and you know it, the house looks like a bomb and has been hit by a nuclear bomb and you can’t get on top of your small business tasks. You are bending under the pressure of your small business. Here are 3 Ways to Deal with Small Business Burn Out.

You have three options.


People talk about outsourcing and if you can afford it in your budget do it! Your time is also money and this will free up more time for you to do what you need to be doing. I am only just getting to the stage to outsource a little bit of my website work and I am really exciting to be passing some work off to Kirsty Morton from Kristy Morton Consultancy for some of the tasks that need fixing on my WordPress. I can’t tell you how much of a relief I feel to pass some of this work off. I could do it myself but I actually value the time more at the moment than the money. Time is also of great value when you are a stress out maniac. You don’t need to do everything all the time yourself.  This has taken me a long time to learn. There are lots of excellent virtual assistants that can also help you with some of your tasks to free up time.  I never really knew what a VA did but Sharon Pegrum wrote an awesome article on how they can help your small business – Why you should hire a small business? Give it a read and see if you need a VA and you can go local rather then overseas.

Pull back

Yes I said it. As entrepreneurs we don’t want to hear it and we get messages on Facebook all the time about struggle through the tough times, you can do it, bust through the hardships, break down walls etc etc. I am getting a bit tired of it. Sometimes this is a crock of shit when you have small children. Your kids are small only a very short time and they they are the top of the list. You can work your guts out when they get a bit older and off doing their own thing. Small children are hard work and time demanding. Pull back on the work. It can wait, your children can’t. It’s ok to pull back.

Stay the Same

Don’t change a thing. Continue to do what you have been doing and you will burn out. At my worst I was so tired and trying to processes stuff on my wordpress at night my thinking was delaying and I had to concentrate so hard to keep focused on simple tasks. This is not a good thing. Not only can you not do task efficiently but the stress from the house and children is too much as well. You feel overwhelmed by the piling housework and tasks you need to do. This doesn’t make for a happy life now and the now is very important in life too. There is something to be said for being grateful for now and living in the moment.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying give up your entrepreneurial goals or close your small business. You have only so much time and we all have the same amount of time. I am very good with my time management and always have been. But I have struggled with doing everything and I can’t. I pulled back and it was the best thing I ever did. I am now having weekends off except for a bit of writing which I love to do. I am having nights off and watching The Block or Masterchef. Plus I am having movie night on Fridays, it’s awesome. I feel happier and my house is cleaner and my kids are happier as I am not so grumpy and overwhelmed with everything.

Think about what is really important to you in the big scheme of things. It’s easier to do than what you think. Remember it’s your business and it’s on your terms.

Have a great week.

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If you want more support and networking with like minded business women, join us today and don’t be alone.


Release your inner Writer

release your inner writer

I am not sure what it is about wanting to write books. Does everyone have the desire to be a published author? Or is it just some of us? I have always wanted to publish books despite not having the best grasp of the English language.  Growing up I struggled with English and still do, I miss words out or add in words that aren’t suppose to be there. When I finished year 12 I didn’t even pass English and in fact on my TEE results it actually classed me as “illiterate”. Which I wasn’t but I certainly didn’t have the skills to head on down to Uni-town. Which is where I wanted to be for all the wrong reason, mostly living out of home and partying. But I still have this urge to write and I have a few books inside of me wanting to get out.

I thought if I put it out there that I want to write another book and get some other like minded people on board then I will have to stop procrastinating and actually do it. If I set the tasks up that I want to do that are achievable I can share this with others easily and it makes me accountable. I am certainly no expert when it comes to writing or publishing. I have published one book called A Baby for Mummy on Amazon. After publishing that I felt more confident about going the full hog and getting my cyber safety books up and running again after writing them back in 2012.  I really feel it can be done and if I can do it anyone can.

Getting an online product going for your business is great for your business. Whether you want to write a mini ebook to give away free to clients or subscribers, a book of all your tips and insider knowledge which people can buy on your website or on Amazon. This is an awesome start to getting your online products going.

For me the main thing that stops me is time and then it gets put to the back burner. If you are like me and want to make a start and get that book going. Join my 4 week kick start book challenge. It’s simple and easy motivation to get you going and on the road to writing that book that is burning inside you. It can be a fiction or non fiction book. As we all know it’s a case of blocking out a bit of time and doing it anyway.

Join here. We are starting on Monday the 17th of October and every Monday you will receive an email with a few tips and task to do for the week.  It will only run for 4 weeks and we can move on to other challenges with our books as required.  But for now —-

Let’s get our inner writers writing.

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Top 7 mistakes from my first year of Business

top 7 mistakes from my first year of business

What a year.  I first ventured into business February last year.  I have been in business a little over a year.  I have stressed heaps, I have learnt heaps and I have not made a lot of money.  Whoa!!!  You say, you have not made a lot of money!  What are you doing wrong you ask?  You must be terrible at business.  Ha ha this may be true, I’m certainly no Richard Branson yet but I am determined and I am still learning and going to get there.  I am not ready to give up.

“You can only go forward by making mistakes” Alexander McQueen

Here are my top 7 mistakes from my first year in business.

Not having the right Business Model

Now this seems like a no brainer.  If you have never been in business before and you are like me I had no idea about business models, what they were and how they operated, how do you know which ones are good.  I had heard of them but because I started with a MLM company I didn’t even think about business models.  I liked the product so I went in with all gun’s blazing to tell everyone about it. This is not a business model.  Being an excited maniac about something good you found doesn’t make the foundations for a successful business.  You need to find a good business model that works for you.  There are many different business considerations when looking at starting business are you going to be a company, sole traders,  MLM, direct sales, partner, franchise etc.  What is the business model you are going with run with? 

Over the past year I have been running around all over town trying to learn and do business. This is hard work.  If you are thinking about going into business, look at the business model that you are going to use so you are clear, focused, can maximise your income and your time.  Most of all have a business model to work with.  I would highly recommend meeting with Business Station which is a free government funded organisation that can give you advice. Or here is a list of all the organisations that you can help you with your business or getting your business off the ground.

Not having a Business Plan and Business Budget

It doesn’t matter what business you are going to do you need a business plan. Before you sign on the dotted line, before you buy your stock, before you start making those dresses or necklaces. Get yourself a business plan and fill it in. It doesn’t need to be a huge document.  You can get a good easy business plan here to fill in. It gives you focus, it allows you to flesh out what your business will be about.  I didn’t have any business plan or business budget until I was about 7 months into my business.  I had lots of to do list and I been logging my sales but I didn’t have any business plans or budgets.  I wish I had started with a business plan before I started anything. 

Secondly,  you need to have an understanding of your business budget. Many people over spend on their businesses when they first start.  I was so excited I ran around Officeworks buying stuff and stationary I didn’t really need, it looked lovely and I got to play with my new “stuff”.  This is mild spending compared to some who buy new cars and phones. Ha ha I still have a shocking phone as many of you know. Really look at your budget. How much will it cost you to run your business?  Have you got the market for it?  Not all business ideas are financially viable.  The idea might be great but it might be a lot of paper work for not much profit and is it really worth being in business with that idea. Be realistic. Get your Business Budget Planner here. 

Facebook Trap

Firstly, we all do it and we all know it, we spend to much time on Facebook. Some days you can get on Facebook and it’s the biggest time gobbler for you. We all know this.  Have I got any advice on this one…..mmmm no not really you can try and only go on twice a day, at the beginning of the working day and at the end. I don’t do that but it sounds like a good idea.

I think my biggest mistake on Facebook when starting in business was dumping my “advertisements” in Facebook groups then running off and dumping another “ad” in another group.  Facebook is people orientated.  It’s like running up to people at an event are shoving your flyers in people faces without even getting to know them.  If you are in a group and you are dumping in the group and not genuinely interacting with the people in the group, let me give you the heads up they don’t care at all for your advertisements and they won’t buy off you.  It’s really a waste of time.  If you do post around in groups at the very least put a “Hi (name the group) and something personal with your ad’s.  The best advice for Facebook Etiquette comes from one of Perth Etiquette guru’s Sharon Attwood from Brand Etiquette. If you get a change to see Sharon talk or attend any of her workshops she is great and knows her stuff on branding and etiquette.


“Rome wasn’t built in a day” I wish it had been as it would make it so much easier.  I want it all and I want it now.  When I first started I was starting with no business experience and I had no professional development in it.  I had to start slowly as I didn’t have much time with small children. I had to juggle all the balls and I had to learn a lot (and still do).  You hear stories of overnight success but true overnight successes are rare.  Most overnight success stories might be people on their third business, they might have been working at it for a few years and juggling a full time job until it becomes a viable and successful business.  Business takes time and so does all the professional development courses that you need to do. 

Running around with my head cut off

The old say of work ‘on’ your business not ‘in’ it is so true. This one is a hard one and I only now feel like getting my head around it.  It’s so easy to get caught up making pretty things for your business on Vistaprint. I can spend hours pottering along making flyers and business cards, I can spend hours making my website look good (sometimes you will need to do this if you have no budget like myself), I can spend hours making up special spreadsheets,  I can spend hours pretending to work but really checking Facebook or making stunning Canva posts.  These are all fun to do but these things don’t make money. Yes these are important and you do need to do these. If you are pumped for time, do these in front of the TV at night. When you have your business time during the day, make those hours worthwhile and use them for follow up, lead generation, servicing your clients and finding more clients.  I have spent way to much time on the fun no business generating jobs.

Business does not appear out of nowhere

Just because you have a great product doesn’t mean your customers are going to appear out of thin air.  Doing Facebook alone is not going to grow your business.  You have to get out there and find your customers.  There are many opportunities to network,  be a part business groups, work at co-working spaces and get your business out there.  (Phew at this point I am just going to pop over and check my Facebook for a break). 

Being a Magpie and getting distracted by Shiny things

Back to business after my Facebook check and I also made a pretty picture post for this blog.  As I was saying I am a bit of magpie and can get easily distracted by shiny things.  I suppose this is related to running around with my heads cut off paragraph but it’s a little different. I have started two business ventures in the last year and now I am gearing up to do a third (this doesn’t count all the other side projects I have going on). Firstly, my Nucerity business which got me into doing businesses I am putting the back burner for now.   Secondly, Mumpreneurs WA will continue as a community organisation and a hobby business rather than developing that as a money making business model. Although I will still be taking donations at networking events and you are always welcome to buy me a bottle of wine on the side bar for running it.  This makes me feel like I am running after shiny things but I have been told that I am not looking for new shiny things as finding my feet in business and getting on to the right business model for me. Which is lucky because I would hate to feel like I was starting all the way at the beginning again. 

Now my big news,  low and behold I am starting a new business. I am going to continue with skin care but will move into offering beautiful facials for women and mum’s with my Beautiful Skin Solutions page.  Even though I have adjusted and now re-adjusting my business I feel the last year has given me so much and served me with great skills to pick up and give it another crack.  If you are looking for a gorgeous 30 minute facial I am your lady with the magic hands.   Taking bookings now. Go on treat yourself – 0400 716 532

In conclusion – “She who leaps towards the sky may fall, it’s true. But she may also fly”. I truly believe that I will fly.  I am stilling leaping and falling at the moment and quite honestly sometimes the falls are hard and I cry. I always get up, try again, move direction and keep going.  Sometimes you need to stop what you are doing and take a different path and that’s ok to change.  I feel I am turning a corner and taking a different path I hope this is the right one, if it’s not I will turn again until I find it. 

What are your big mistakes when you started off in business? I would love to know. 

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10 Ways to Thank your Customers

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10 Ways to Thank your Customers

10 Ways to thank your customers

Following up with customer service can be hard.  Why is it so hard?  Why do we fear picking up the phone and calling someone who trusted us enough to buy our service or product?  Customer service is an important part of your business.  It can lead to repeat business, it builds relationships and can lead to referrals. What are you doing for your customer service?

We get so busy with working “on” our business we forget to work “in” out business. In fact the “in”/”on” theory I am now only really starting to get after a year of being in business.  Its the “in” part we need to be working on 80% of the time. Once again the old 80 – 20 rules crops up.  We know it works but it’s like being healthy, we know what to do to be healthy but we don’t always do it.

Let’s look at our following up.  Why aren’t you picking up the phone?  Number one reason we don’t follow up is we are scared to be rejected. Is that it? I am thinking a big fat yes.  We are scared the customer is going to complain about our product or service,  we are scared they won’t have time to talk, we are scared they will think we are being a nuisance and this is all related to our fear of rejection.  In reality, deep down we all care about this.   Are these fears real? Yes they are.  Will they come true? Probably not, although sometimes you will have people not happy but wouldn’t you rather try and solve the problem for them and turn them into a loyal customer because you fixed the problem or you tried to.

Mostly when you ring a customer to follow up they will be happy to talk.  Today when I rang a lovely customer of mine to apologised I hadn’t called her in a while she apologised to me saying she hadn’t ordered anything lately as she had been getting some things fixed on her skin and wasn’t using anything.  It was great to touch base with her again and re-establish the relationship.  There was no reason to feel scared ringing her and I loved catching up as we have had similar situations. It was good for both of us to talk about.

If you are feeling a bit scared to pick up the phone and follow up with your customer service. Here are 10 Ways to Thank your Customers and get the ball rolling to get back into the swing and make it good habit.

Thank you Customer Service Follow Up

  1. Send a thank you to the first person who bought off you.
  2. Send a thank you to a friend that has been supportive of your business.
  3. Ring and apologise to a customer who you haven’t spoke to for a long time and ask them if they have any questions.
  4. Send a thank you to someone who placed an order with you that was under $50.
  5. Send a thank you to someone who has placed an order with you that was over $100.
  6. Send a thank you to someone on your email list.
  7. Send a thank you to some who is a fan of your Facebook page.
  8. Send a thank you to local follower on your Instagram.
  9. Send a family member a thank you for supporting your business.
  10. The next person who likes your next post send a thank you.

It can be hard to make time to do your follow up.  If you are sending a thank you or seeing if they have any questions then maybe it won’t be so hard.

Get going and send a thank you.

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5 Easy Kids Activities for the Work at Home Mumpreneur

Today I am thrilled to have one of our lovely Mumpreneurs do a guest blog for us,  Sharon Pegrum.  Sharon has a wealth on knowledge on easy activities for the work at home Mumpreneur.  She home schools her children and was a family day care educator for 5 years.  Sharon home is strewn with glitter, paint, books and more to make a wonderfully full and engaging environment for her children. Sharon runs her own Executive Virtual Assistant Business called Black Cockatoo Business.

Thank you so much Sharon for all your wonderful ideas.

5 Easy Kids Activities for the Work at Home Mumpreneur

5 Easy Kids Activities for the Work at Home Mumpreneur

It seems being a Mumpreneur is a constant balancing act of meeting your kid’s needs and meeting your business needs. I discovered long ago that I need to be well prepared to avoid either failing to complete my work or whinging kids all day. Luckily those 5 years I did in family daycare gave me a knowledge bank of activities to engage the kids in, and free up my time. I want to share with you my favourite 5 types of activities that give me a solid period of work time.

  1.  Messy/ Sensory Play
  • Includes Playdough, Magic Sand (check out Red Dot for the cheap stuff!), Gloop (purely cornflour and water) and Cloud Dough. You will find heaps of recipes on the internet
  • Preparation Required: High – requires you to have made it or bought it in advance
  • Mess factor: High – I usually include a bucket of soapy water and explain how to use it to clean hands and a towel
  • Supervision: High – you really need to be nearby for this one
  • Additional Materials: rollers and playdough toys are great but you can totally get away with raiding the utensil drawer
  • Fun factor: High – probably one of the activities that I have seen children engage with for the longest time. You need to weigh up the mess/ supervision/ preparation requirements against the fun factor!5 Easy Kids Activities for the Work at Home Mumpreneur2. Water Play
  • Includes Outdoor Kitchen play, soaker hoses/ paddle pools in summer, water beads, small world play with water (ie fish, animals with watering holes), baby or doll bathing and water walls
  • Preparation Required: Low – water play is probably one of the quickest activities to set up
  • Mess factor: Medium – keep some towels nearby, make sure you are outside and be prepared for very wet kids
  • Supervision: High – children can drown in a very small amount of water, anytime there is a container of water children should be supervised at all times
  • Additional Materials: containers for pouring, filling and tipping. Small toys that they can get wet
  • Fun factor: High – I have never met a child that didn’t like playing with water5 Easy Kids Activities for the Work at Home Mumpreneur3. Large Loose Parts Play
  • Includes any open-ended, large objects that children can use their gross motor skills to carry, stack and create with – logs, planks, pvc pipe, rocks, branches, tyres. Remida (http://www.remidawa.com/wordpress/) is a great place for materials in Perth and once you have a membership you can take anything for free
  • Preparation Required: Medium – you will need a collection of parts but it’s a one off job and you can then leave in one area of the yard
  • Mess factor: Low – Due to the nature of large, loose parts it’s really an easy clean up, it’s even better to have the children create in an area where they can create a WIP that they can go back to
  • Supervision: Low – gauge it by the age of your children but you should be able to observe from afar and leave them for some time
  • Additional Materials: you could add smaller objects to the area or materials to assist ie cable ties, small rocks to roll down planks, decoration pieces ie feathers, fabric
  • Fun factor: High – this is a fantastic activity for engaging children in an experience that involves gross motor skills but more importantly executive function, social skills and problem-solving

5 Easy Kids Activities for the Work at Home Mumpreneur5 Easy Kids Activities for the Work at Home Mumpreneur4.  Imaginative Play

  • Includes Dress Ups, Cubby/ Den Building, Props, Storytelling
  • Preparation Required: Low – it’s easy to whip up a cubby with an old sheet or create a den by pulling out a couch, a box of dress ups can be easily sourced from an op shop
  • Mess factor: Low – they may be a tidy up at the end
  • Supervision: Low – this should be one the kids can be left to
  • Additional Materials: the sky is the limit with this one, my boys use all kinds of random things for Imaginative play. We have had a fallen tree branch as a “bird hide”, an old cymbal made into a shield. Imaginative Play is….well imaginative
  • Fun factor: High – find your child’s area of interest and this will engage them for hours

5 Easy Kids Activities for the Work at Home Mumpreneur5 Easy Kids Activities for the Work at Home Mumpreneur5.Outdoor Play

  • Includes Sandpits, Trampolines, Swings but also parks and playgrounds
  • Preparation Required: Low – if you don’t have a great backyard setup just grab your laptop and hit the local park if you can find a fenced in one even better
  • Mess factor: Low – other than sand it’s pretty non-existent and it’s all outside anyway
  • Supervision: Medium – at home you should be setup in a pretty safe environment, a public park will require more supervision
  • Additional Materials: nothing though I am a fan of 2 sandpits to allow children to explore the schema of transporting
  • Fun factor: High – not only is outdoor play really beneficial and fun but it’s great as an adult to get out in the sun and fresh air as well.

Using these 5 areas to put some new ideas in your “I have to get some work done” magic kit will help you ensure your kids are exploring, learning and having fun while you work on your other passion in life – your business!

5 Easy Kids Activities for the Work at Home Mumpreneur

sharonprfileSharon Pegrum operates a successful Exective VA Business in Toodyay, WA.  She supports Heart Led Women in Business with a commitment to business growth and a connected interest in the goals and vision of their unique business. Sharon provides a professional service that meets the needs and creates space in her client’s business’ so they can share their important work more extensively with the world. A passionate writers she publishes 2 blogs – Black Cockatoo Business (www.blackcockatoobusiness.com/blog) and Natural Living with Sharon (sharonpegrum.wordpress.com)

Janine Davison Exposure Coach

When I first started in business I had no idea what I was doing.  I knew I had to start learning and meeting people.  One of the first networking coffee’s I went to was with Janine Davison, Sales and Marketing Champion at Exposure Coach and Online Business School.  I was blown away.  The coffee meet up was awesome. It was informative, warm and welcoming.  Janine is one business woman who knows what she is talking about. It was great pleasure I introduce Janine Davison to our Women in Business Series.  Thank you Janine.

Janine Davison - exposure coach - Mumpreneurs WA

Tell us about your business.

Exposure Coach was created to help small business owners STAY in business with elite sales and marketing training. We provide personal coaching, sales workshops and an online business school.

Our target market is the motivated, time-poor, cash-poor small business owner. Our market of small business owners need help but often can’t afford it and/or struggle to find the time to work on their business.

Please tell us what being a business owner means to you and why you became an business owner in the first place?

The failure rate of small business in Australia is about 8 out of 10 inside of 2 years, which is concerning. Those figures are way too high and I believe that a lot of it comes from lack of support and knowledge. And quite frankly many small business owners cannot afford to train up in business. I got into this business as a saw some business coaches charging a fortune for services and believed I could help people for a lot less.

I have worked for most of my adult life in sales and I feel that I can give a lot back to the small business community. People tell me that I am quite inspiring, (so without tooting my own horn) I like to run with that by providing inspiring and very interactive coaching and training services.

What would you say is your greatest professional accomplishment to date?

I am not one to write books, nominate myself for awards, stand on stage promoting anything and I am not on the public speaking circuit. Funnily enough I don’t do much self-promotion.

My point of difference is the fact that I am “In the trenches” with small business owners. My daily accomplishments come from seeing business owners “Get excited” about what their business could do, when they have laser focus.

Seeing the business owners I am working with make more money and not having to go back to a job working for someone else is very rewarding. A great accomplishment in itself.

What’s the best advice you have received in business that you wish to pass on to our readers?

“Go the extra mile because there is less traffic on it!”

I don’t believe in all this stuff about your comfort zone. Reality is you need to do things you haven’t done before to get results you haven’t got.

You need to take risks, seize opportunity and have laser focus to succeed in business. ( I could go on and on regarding this question)

Nothing frustrates me more than people who don’t seize opportunity in business. After all we are the land of opportunity!

Just get out there and do it. See what happens!

What has been the most effective marketing initiatives or programs you have used to promote your business?

Having something good to say, saying it well, and saying it often.

Only about 1-5% of the population are ready to buy from you. So you need to focus your marketing on the 95-99% of people who may buy from you later.

You need to move people along the buying journey with strategic marketing. Which is a set of tactics that generate curiosity and will interrupt them to pay attention to you.

I usually do this by thinking about exactly who my buyer is, working out what problems they have and offering a solution to them in my advertising.

If you were to write a book, what would the title be and why?

How to STAY in business when you are cash and time poor.

Because it would resinate with my reader straight away. Most small business owners are cash and time poor right?

Are there any resources or tools you’d like to share with other small business owners that have helped you run your business?

I run an online business school called the Exposure Coach E-Learning System. It’s a program that took 5 years and over 1 million dollars to create. I bought the licence to it from a couple of guys in the USA as I have never seen anything like it!
It is a step-by-step system that takes people through building a profitable business. It also has more than $200,000 of business resources including things like an Ad library and various templates and classes. It’s like the business coach that comes to you for just $97 per month. It’s been working very well for all my clients. You can find out more at Business School online.

There you can get free Sales and Marketing Audit for your business and you can requests a demo of the program to see if it is a good fit for you and your business.

Janine Davison - exposure coach - Mumpreneurs WA

What can we look forward to in the next year?

A lot of my clients been hugely successful in business. And by demand I have finally caved and started to do live Sales Workshops at the West Coast Institute in Joondalup.

What do you do for fun/relaxation?

This is going to sound strange but I have adult colouring in books, I knit and I do a lot of hypnosis so my mind can have a 20 minute holiday here and there.

If you weren’t in the business you are in, what would you be be doing?

I could never work for anyone else again after working for myself for so many years, so I am pretty sure I would start up another business.

Not sure what it would be but I would make it work.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

I would like to finish by saying something about confidence. I work with many business owners who lack confidence.

You get confidence from knowing stuff. From learning stuff. Just because you are good at what you do, doesn’t make you good at business!

Learn how to do real business. Have a business plan. Have laser focus. That will give you confidence.

Confidence attracts other people to you.

Thanks for the opportunity.

Dedicated to your success,

Janine Davison

Exposure Coach Sales and Marketing Coach

“Helping small business owners to STAY in business!”

Janine Davison - exposure coach - Mumpreneurs WA

Find me offline: 0450 882 778

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Recently on Janine’s Facebook, Janine had a photo all the business cards that she had collected from businesses over the past year and sadly lot of those businesses are no longer running. They should of gone to Janine!! Janine would of sorted them out.

Thank you so much to Janine for your interview.  My favourite part of Janine’s interview is that most business owners lack confidence.  That surprises me.
What do you want to know about business?
Have a great week.

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