My Mistake with Vegetable Tempura

Vegetable Tempura

Yesterday I was on day two of my Japanese eating journey Operation Nippon and I have already learnt a very important lesson about how to eat tempura vegetables. Here’s my mistake with tempura vegetables.

I had a good friend come over for dinner who was vegetarian. I decided I had never made tempura before so lets go all out and give it a go. I bought lots of yummy vegetables and instead of making the tempura flour from scratch which you have to put normal flour in the freezer, have cold water to mix the eggs to try and get the flour light enough I bought tempura flour which I highly recommend as it’s very easy you just add water.


If you buy it from Fuji Mart it’s in Japanese but it has pictures and easy enough to work out. It was 160mls to 100 grams of flour. Unless you are doing a big batch up only use the 100 grams. I used 200 grams and had a bit left over.  I didn’t need much at all.

Cooking Tips

I never deep fry any thing so it was a fun learning experience. You need the oil to be 170 degrees and I learnt a great trick from Adam Liaw from Destination Flavour Japan that you pop your chopsticks in the oil and when they start to bubble a bit then the oil is ready. You can use a thermometer but I don’t have one.

Once I had cut all the vegetables very thinly and heated the oil it was frying time. I dipped the vegetables and fried to my heart content. I fried everything that wasn’t nailed down. It was loads of fun. The vegetables turned out amazing, light, fluffy and little buddies of yumminess.

Eating tips

Now to the part about how to eat them. I was so excited about all the vegetables I didn’t do any other dishes except a few nice pickles, Japanese mayo and tonkasu sauce. We got full very quickly and did manage to eat a fair bit. But here’s the tip of the century. You only need a few pieces of tempura, when I say a few I am talking two or three. Then you balance out the meal with a little bit of rice, a nice fresh green salad, pickles and even a bit of miso soup. Don’t just eat tempura or you will end up with a stomach when you go to bed.  Not the most pleasant night sleep. 

Ha ha I hear you laughing, it’s not rocket science but I was so excited about the big fry up forgot about a balanced meal. I certainly won’t be making that mistake again.  Secondly if you kept eating like that you will end up with a gorgeous sumo figure.

What dinners have you made that you have over done it?

PS sorry for the lack of photo’s I will do more next time as I do love a visual. I have had to use a stock photo which is not mine. 🙁

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  1. I’ve never tried making vegetable tempura. I have, however, tempura’d (is that even a word?) oysters with sesame seeds…yum. I’m on a journey at the moment to replicate some Vietnamese dishes we learnt when over there the other week. Looking forward to your next instalment #TeamLovinLife

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