123 Magic Parenting Course

123 Magic Parenting Course

This week I completed the 123 Magic Parenting Course with Clan WA and the Roseworth Parent and Child Centre. If you get the chance to do this course. It’s a must do. I can’t rave enough about it. The course is straight forward, supportive and the techniques are easy to use. The hard bit is applying it while you are tired and when you get emotional. But like the old saying says “Practice makes perfect”.  I must thank my friend Anna from Perth Nappy Cakes for telling me about this course.  Thanks heaps Anna.

Why I wanted to do the course?

I have heard great things about 123 Magic even since I worked at the Educational Support Unit in Rockingham many years ago. We use similar strategies in the classroom and I wanted to refresh my skills and see how I could improve on the 123 and time out strategies I currently use at home. Although I do ok with parenting, as we all do I feel you can always learn more and continue to improve and grow with parenting. It’s like anything in life you never stop learning.

Structure of the Course

The course ran over three afternoons in session of 2 and half hours. I liked that you got to learn the skills and then try the new skills and when you return the next week you got to reflect on what had worked or what concerns you had with the course at the next session. Each session was easy to follow, run by supportive mediators and you had a workbook for notes.

Why the course works?

It was refreshing to revisit the strategies we use in teaching. The hardest part about parenting is that we are emotionally attached to what we do. When I teach I don’t have an emotional attachment to the students behaviour, it’s what we train our prac teachers to do, disconnect so you can manage behaviour of 32 people in one room. It’s simple but it works. The student plays up, you define the behaviour and ask them to stop, that’s one, you keep teaching, if they continue that’s two, you keep teaching, they continue that’s three…. take time out. It’s simple I never get into a power play, I don’t keep telling them off for the behaviour. They take time out, do a reflect sheet and then afterwards you discuss with them the better strategies or what they could of done better.

With 123 Magic the principles are the same. You don’t get into a tug of war with your children, define what they are doing wrong, count them down and then they go into time out for reflection. It takes your emotion out of it and you can get on with parenting and the children get to learn reflection and self monitoring of their behaviour.  This is the guts of it but you do need to do the course to get the full picture.

There are so many pearls in this course I can’t possibly discuss all of them here. Keep your eye out on the Clan WA website for more courses that may be available in your area. In some areas it’s free.  I highly recommend this course for everyone. I have more behaviour management courses under my belt than you would believe (I am very passionate about the area) and loved this. It was refreshing, positive and I came home feeling empowered and ready to tackle another day of parenting. If you want more information visit Clan WA or 123 Magic plus there is a DVD you can get out of the library if you want to watch the course with a glass of wine in hand.

Happy Parenting.

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