Why you need Holidays?

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It’s early morning in Ubud Bali, the rooster are crowing, the birds are cooing, the cicada’s are cricketing and the kids are stirring to wake up.  There is a cool smells of humidity in the jungle in the air. I have a few minutes of quiet time before our day starts.  Holidays are vital and I can’t think of anything better to spend my hard earnt cash on.  What is is about holidays that we so need? What is it about getting away from our lives which is so important? This why you need holidays?

The world is bigger and more different then what your brain imagines

These days we are so bombarded with so much information and we are over stimulated up to our eyeballs.  Our senses are assaulted more than ever. In fact our poor old eye balls are hanging out of their head with scrolling overload.  We are constantly being consumed through the internet, the papers and magazines.  In the 80’s and 90’s people where concerned about magazines and the impact on us. Now we have even more thrown at us. It’s bloody tiring.  Being away you see the most awesome stuff gives you a break and time to unplug.

Yesterday (when I was on holidays a few weeks ago) I saw the smallest frog in the world, actually I didn’t spot it, my friend daughter did.  Not only where the kids thrilled, I was too.  Yes I could see this on the internet and in fact I didn’t even know frogs got that small. It was about the size of my toddlers small fingernail. It was incredible, sitting in the indent in the stairs.  I love that holidays present you with the new and help your brain grow and exposes you to new people, situations and ways of living.

Lotus Flower with Frog

It’s worth the money

Holidays cost money and they are so worth it.  You work hard and you deserve to spend on yourself. I get really annoyed when I get told “You are so lucky” or  “I want your life”. I have worked my guts out my whole life to set up my life, it’s far from perfect, it’s far from rich but I do live in Australia. I have budgeted since I was born for everything I want. I squirrel away money and even on holidays I am on a budget.  I make choices all the time to live a simple and cheaper life so I can spend my money on holidays with my family.  It’s about choices, do you want to buy the extra cakes when you go for coffee or put those extra $5 away for a family holiday. It does make a difference.

Experience and head space

The experience and the head space are the two underlying factors for holidays. You get to see how others live,  you get to appreciate your life and how you are doing ok. Most importantly you get head space. You get out of yourself and your brain frees itself from all the niggling jobs, nigglings annoyances of the daily grind,  you get time to think, you get time to process and you get time to step away to re-access how you really want to live your life.  We only have one and you never know when it’s going to end.  It resets your buttons to go home, work on your business, your work, your life and more importantly book another great holiday.

Things do go wrong on holidays

Remember holidays are not perfect and things do go wrong.  Kids get sick, you can get ripped off, you can get sick, flights can get cancelled and you can loss your cool and your kids will get tired but this all happens at home anyway.  This trip our flights were cancelled and we were rescheduled from a 3 and a half hour flight home to an 18 hour flight via Sydney home. Did I care?  Not one bit.  I love flying. The best part was that on my cheap trip we didn’t have anything on my epic redirection I got food,  wine and I got to watch two recent movies.  Those two movies were the only movies I watch all holiday. Winning.

If you need a good holiday, can’t remember the last time you got away, I mean really got away. Start squirreling money away and book yourself the holiday. You deserve it and remember one day you will die and you can’t do it then.  Cut out the extra’s in your life and set a budget and get saving.  Not only will you have fun booking, finding accommodation and getting ready. You will have a wonderful experience.

Where are you booking to go on holiday next?

Have a great day.

Cheers Julie xx

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  1. I’m thinking Bali in October after my course finishes. Would love to do the east coast of Aus again but Bali is so much more affordable with a family!

  2. So good to read Julie! Sometimes it just all seems so hard when you have little people, but once you’re away it really is the best thing. Thanks for the motivation to book the next trip 🙂

  3. I agree holidays are so beneficial but with kids and work, harder to make a priority. I have 10 days booked for the kids and I in May in Ubud. But are feeling nervous about it! Do you reckon it’s definitely worth going?

    • Absolutely Jane, you and the kids will love it. Don’t get overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle that can be full on when you get there. Have a ball and relax

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