1. What an incredibly interesting read! My dad has had hypnotherapy for his insomnia and absolutely swore by it. Good on you for sticking to your plan, I love that you’re feeling healthy and better in your own skin! Go you!

  2. Hi Julie,

    That’s very interesting!

    Have you ever tried self-hypnosis? It’s something I read about when I was younger and I think I’ll explore it again.

    I still feel a bit weird about seeing a hypnotist and giving them any power over my subconscious. Maybe I’ve seen too many “cluck like a chicken” stage acts. 🙂

    • Ha ha me to I had seen to many clucking chicken too. Was nothing like that. I think I will look into self hypnosis. It has been very beneficial.

  3. I’ve never considered hypnosis as I assume I would not be one of those people who could “go under” – I have enough trouble trying to be mindful in sessions with the psychologist! But I really enjoyed reading your experience Julie and my mind is now more open to the idea of hypnotherapy. Who knows, it could be something I could also benefit from in future.

    • Kirsty I felt the same way about going ‘under’ it was really easy and you just lie there. I think as parents it was also nice to lay down for 45 minutes and not do anything!! Thanks for visiting.

  4. I did Weight Witches for a while, but I’ve never been hypnotised. It kind of sounds a bit like practicing mindfulness. I’m glad it’s working for you, anyway.

  5. I have never done hypnotherapy, but I find it a very interesting concept. I have been thinking of using it for giving birth with minimal pain medications. Do you have any resources on that?

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