3 Ways to Deal with Small Business Burn Out

3 ways to deal with small business burn out - Mumpreneurs WA

It’s all getting to much for you. You’re suffering with stress overload, your children are not getting the attention they need and you know it, the house looks like a bomb and has been hit by a nuclear bomb and you can’t get on top of your small business tasks. You are bending under the pressure of your small business. Here are 3 Ways to Deal with Small Business Burn Out.

You have three options.


People talk about outsourcing and if you can afford it in your budget do it! Your time is also money and this will free up more time for you to do what you need to be doing. I am only just getting to the stage to outsource a little bit of my website work and I am really exciting to be passing some work off to Kirsty Morton from Kristy Morton Consultancy for some of the tasks that need fixing on my WordPress. I can’t tell you how much of a relief I feel to pass some of this work off. I could do it myself but I actually value the time more at the moment than the money. Time is also of great value when you are a stress out maniac. You don’t need to do everything all the time yourself.  This has taken me a long time to learn. There are lots of excellent virtual assistants that can also help you with some of your tasks to free up time.  I never really knew what a VA did but Sharon Pegrum wrote an awesome article on how they can help your small business – Why you should hire a small business? Give it a read and see if you need a VA and you can go local rather then overseas.

Pull back

Yes I said it. As entrepreneurs we don’t want to hear it and we get messages on Facebook all the time about struggle through the tough times, you can do it, bust through the hardships, break down walls etc etc. I am getting a bit tired of it. Sometimes this is a crock of shit when you have small children. Your kids are small only a very short time and they they are the top of the list. You can work your guts out when they get a bit older and off doing their own thing. Small children are hard work and time demanding. Pull back on the work. It can wait, your children can’t. It’s ok to pull back.

Stay the Same

Don’t change a thing. Continue to do what you have been doing and you will burn out. At my worst I was so tired and trying to processes stuff on my wordpress at night my thinking was delaying and I had to concentrate so hard to keep focused on simple tasks. This is not a good thing. Not only can you not do task efficiently but the stress from the house and children is too much as well. You feel overwhelmed by the piling housework and tasks you need to do. This doesn’t make for a happy life now and the now is very important in life too. There is something to be said for being grateful for now and living in the moment.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying give up your entrepreneurial goals or close your small business. You have only so much time and we all have the same amount of time. I am very good with my time management and always have been. But I have struggled with doing everything and I can’t. I pulled back and it was the best thing I ever did. I am now having weekends off except for a bit of writing which I love to do. I am having nights off and watching The Block or Masterchef. Plus I am having movie night on Fridays, it’s awesome. I feel happier and my house is cleaner and my kids are happier as I am not so grumpy and overwhelmed with everything.

Think about what is really important to you in the big scheme of things. It’s easier to do than what you think. Remember it’s your business and it’s on your terms.

Have a great week.

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  1. Great post Julie. I think as a small biz owner there are seasons for all of this (sometimes even keep on going, as long as you know it’s short term). One of our many challenges! But at least we have the choice. Yay 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for firstly trusting me with your website and secondly for giving me a shout out!
    This is timely advice for me, given me trying to manage my 3 kiddos under 4, run a business/house/renovation/life! I definitely have to pull back at times…
    Kristy 🙂

  3. Great ideas Julie. I have to admit I’m not very entrepreneurial so I’d be the one helping out I suspect. I’m not sure I’ll ever really have my own business or grow a small business!

  4. There have been several times this year that have tipped the balance towards burn out, each time I have outsourced something more, and taken a break at least fo the weekend if not for a few nights midweek. It’s a difficult balance to maintain but essential.

    • I agree when that happens you have to take time off. It’s just not worth pushing through as you end up falling apart.

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