Release your inner Writer

release your inner writer

I am not sure what it is about wanting to write books. Does everyone have the desire to be a published author? Or is it just some of us? I have always wanted to publish books despite not having the best grasp of the English language.  Growing up I struggled with English and still do, I miss words out or add in words that aren’t suppose to be there. When I finished year 12 I didn’t even pass English and in fact on my TEE results it actually classed me as “illiterate”. Which I wasn’t but I certainly didn’t have the skills to head on down to Uni-town. Which is where I wanted to be for all the wrong reason, mostly living out of home and partying. But I still have this urge to write and I have a few books inside of me wanting to get out.

I thought if I put it out there that I want to write another book and get some other like minded people on board then I will have to stop procrastinating and actually do it. If I set the tasks up that I want to do that are achievable I can share this with others easily and it makes me accountable. I am certainly no expert when it comes to writing or publishing. I have published one book called A Baby for Mummy on Amazon. After publishing that I felt more confident about going the full hog and getting my cyber safety books up and running again after writing them back in 2012.  I really feel it can be done and if I can do it anyone can.

Getting an online product going for your business is great for your business. Whether you want to write a mini ebook to give away free to clients or subscribers, a book of all your tips and insider knowledge which people can buy on your website or on Amazon. This is an awesome start to getting your online products going.

For me the main thing that stops me is time and then it gets put to the back burner. If you are like me and want to make a start and get that book going. Join my 4 week kick start book challenge. It’s simple and easy motivation to get you going and on the road to writing that book that is burning inside you. It can be a fiction or non fiction book. As we all know it’s a case of blocking out a bit of time and doing it anyway.

Join here. We are starting on Monday the 17th of October and every Monday you will receive an email with a few tips and task to do for the week.  It will only run for 4 weeks and we can move on to other challenges with our books as required.  But for now —-

Let’s get our inner writers writing.

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