10 Ways to Thank your Customers

10 Ways to thank your customers

Following up with customer service can be hard.  Why is it so hard?  Why do we fear picking up the phone and calling someone who trusted us enough to buy our service or product?  Customer service is an important part of your business.  It can lead to repeat business, it builds relationships and can lead to referrals. What are you doing for your customer service?

We get so busy with working “on” our business we forget to work “in” out business. In fact the “in”/”on” theory I am now only really starting to get after a year of being in business.  Its the “in” part we need to be working on 80% of the time. Once again the old 80 – 20 rules crops up.  We know it works but it’s like being healthy, we know what to do to be healthy but we don’t always do it.

Let’s look at our following up.  Why aren’t you picking up the phone?  Number one reason we don’t follow up is we are scared to be rejected. Is that it? I am thinking a big fat yes.  We are scared the customer is going to complain about our product or service,  we are scared they won’t have time to talk, we are scared they will think we are being a nuisance and this is all related to our fear of rejection.  In reality, deep down we all care about this.   Are these fears real? Yes they are.  Will they come true? Probably not, although sometimes you will have people not happy but wouldn’t you rather try and solve the problem for them and turn them into a loyal customer because you fixed the problem or you tried to.

Mostly when you ring a customer to follow up they will be happy to talk.  Today when I rang a lovely customer of mine to apologised I hadn’t called her in a while she apologised to me saying she hadn’t ordered anything lately as she had been getting some things fixed on her skin and wasn’t using anything.  It was great to touch base with her again and re-establish the relationship.  There was no reason to feel scared ringing her and I loved catching up as we have had similar situations. It was good for both of us to talk about.

If you are feeling a bit scared to pick up the phone and follow up with your customer service. Here are 10 Ways to Thank your Customers and get the ball rolling to get back into the swing and make it good habit.

Thank you Customer Service Follow Up

  1. Send a thank you to the first person who bought off you.
  2. Send a thank you to a friend that has been supportive of your business.
  3. Ring and apologise to a customer who you haven’t spoke to for a long time and ask them if they have any questions.
  4. Send a thank you to someone who placed an order with you that was under $50.
  5. Send a thank you to someone who has placed an order with you that was over $100.
  6. Send a thank you to someone on your email list.
  7. Send a thank you to some who is a fan of your Facebook page.
  8. Send a thank you to local follower on your Instagram.
  9. Send a family member a thank you for supporting your business.
  10. The next person who likes your next post send a thank you.

It can be hard to make time to do your follow up.  If you are sending a thank you or seeing if they have any questions then maybe it won’t be so hard.

Get going and send a thank you.

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  1. Great ideas Julie. It’s so easy to be ‘head down bum up’ working and forget to actually say thanks for supporting my business (in whatever way they did that). So your article is a very timely reminder!

  2. It makes such a difference if you can thank existing customers and not just be on the lookout for new customers! It makes one feel appreciated and valued!

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