10 Ways to Thank your Customers

10 Ways to thank your customers

Following up with customer service can be hard.  Why is it so hard?  Why do we fear picking up the phone and calling someone who trusted us enough to buy our service or product?  Customer service is an important part of your business.  It can lead to repeat business, it builds relationships and can lead to referrals. What are you doing for your customer service?

We get so busy with working “on” our business we forget to work “in” out business. In fact the “in”/”on” theory I am now only really starting to get after a year of being in business.  Its the “in” part we need to be working on 80% of the time. Once again the old 80 – 20 rules crops up.  We know it works but it’s like being healthy, we know what to do to be healthy but we don’t always do it.

Let’s look at our following up.  Why aren’t you picking up the phone?  Number one reason we don’t follow up is we are scared to be rejected. Is that it? I am thinking a big fat yes.  We are scared the customer is going to complain about our product or service,  we are scared they won’t have time to talk, we are scared they will think we are being a nuisance and this is all related to our fear of rejection.  In reality, deep down we all care about this.   Are these fears real? Yes they are.  Will they come true? Probably not, although sometimes you will have people not happy but wouldn’t you rather try and solve the problem for them and turn them into a loyal customer because you fixed the problem or you tried to.

Mostly when you ring a customer to follow up they will be happy to talk.  Today when I rang a lovely customer of mine to apologised I hadn’t called her in a while she apologised to me saying she hadn’t ordered anything lately as she had been getting some things fixed on her skin and wasn’t using anything.  It was great to touch base with her again and re-establish the relationship.  There was no reason to feel scared ringing her and I loved catching up as we have had similar situations. It was good for both of us to talk about.

If you are feeling a bit scared to pick up the phone and follow up with your customer service. Here are 10 Ways to Thank your Customers and get the ball rolling to get back into the swing and make it good habit.

Thank you Customer Service Follow Up

  1. Send a thank you to the first person who bought off you.
  2. Send a thank you to a friend that has been supportive of your business.
  3. Ring and apologise to a customer who you haven’t spoke to for a long time and ask them if they have any questions.
  4. Send a thank you to someone who placed an order with you that was under $50.
  5. Send a thank you to someone who has placed an order with you that was over $100.
  6. Send a thank you to someone on your email list.
  7. Send a thank you to some who is a fan of your Facebook page.
  8. Send a thank you to local follower on your Instagram.
  9. Send a family member a thank you for supporting your business.
  10. The next person who likes your next post send a thank you.

It can be hard to make time to do your follow up.  If you are sending a thank you or seeing if they have any questions then maybe it won’t be so hard.

Get going and send a thank you.

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5 Easy Kids Activities for the Work at Home Mumpreneur

Today I am thrilled to have one of our lovely Mumpreneurs do a guest blog for us,  Sharon Pegrum.  Sharon has a wealth on knowledge on easy activities for the work at home Mumpreneur.  She home schools her children and was a family day care educator for 5 years.  Sharon home is strewn with glitter, paint, books and more to make a wonderfully full and engaging environment for her children. Sharon runs her own Executive Virtual Assistant Business called Black Cockatoo Business.

Thank you so much Sharon for all your wonderful ideas.

5 Easy Kids Activities for the Work at Home Mumpreneur

5 Easy Kids Activities for the Work at Home Mumpreneur

It seems being a Mumpreneur is a constant balancing act of meeting your kid’s needs and meeting your business needs. I discovered long ago that I need to be well prepared to avoid either failing to complete my work or whinging kids all day. Luckily those 5 years I did in family daycare gave me a knowledge bank of activities to engage the kids in, and free up my time. I want to share with you my favourite 5 types of activities that give me a solid period of work time.

  1.  Messy/ Sensory Play
  • Includes Playdough, Magic Sand (check out Red Dot for the cheap stuff!), Gloop (purely cornflour and water) and Cloud Dough. You will find heaps of recipes on the internet
  • Preparation Required: High – requires you to have made it or bought it in advance
  • Mess factor: High – I usually include a bucket of soapy water and explain how to use it to clean hands and a towel
  • Supervision: High – you really need to be nearby for this one
  • Additional Materials: rollers and playdough toys are great but you can totally get away with raiding the utensil drawer
  • Fun factor: High – probably one of the activities that I have seen children engage with for the longest time. You need to weigh up the mess/ supervision/ preparation requirements against the fun factor!5 Easy Kids Activities for the Work at Home Mumpreneur2. Water Play
  • Includes Outdoor Kitchen play, soaker hoses/ paddle pools in summer, water beads, small world play with water (ie fish, animals with watering holes), baby or doll bathing and water walls
  • Preparation Required: Low – water play is probably one of the quickest activities to set up
  • Mess factor: Medium – keep some towels nearby, make sure you are outside and be prepared for very wet kids
  • Supervision: High – children can drown in a very small amount of water, anytime there is a container of water children should be supervised at all times
  • Additional Materials: containers for pouring, filling and tipping. Small toys that they can get wet
  • Fun factor: High – I have never met a child that didn’t like playing with water5 Easy Kids Activities for the Work at Home Mumpreneur3. Large Loose Parts Play
  • Includes any open-ended, large objects that children can use their gross motor skills to carry, stack and create with – logs, planks, pvc pipe, rocks, branches, tyres. Remida (http://www.remidawa.com/wordpress/) is a great place for materials in Perth and once you have a membership you can take anything for free
  • Preparation Required: Medium – you will need a collection of parts but it’s a one off job and you can then leave in one area of the yard
  • Mess factor: Low – Due to the nature of large, loose parts it’s really an easy clean up, it’s even better to have the children create in an area where they can create a WIP that they can go back to
  • Supervision: Low – gauge it by the age of your children but you should be able to observe from afar and leave them for some time
  • Additional Materials: you could add smaller objects to the area or materials to assist ie cable ties, small rocks to roll down planks, decoration pieces ie feathers, fabric
  • Fun factor: High – this is a fantastic activity for engaging children in an experience that involves gross motor skills but more importantly executive function, social skills and problem-solving

5 Easy Kids Activities for the Work at Home Mumpreneur5 Easy Kids Activities for the Work at Home Mumpreneur4.  Imaginative Play

  • Includes Dress Ups, Cubby/ Den Building, Props, Storytelling
  • Preparation Required: Low – it’s easy to whip up a cubby with an old sheet or create a den by pulling out a couch, a box of dress ups can be easily sourced from an op shop
  • Mess factor: Low – they may be a tidy up at the end
  • Supervision: Low – this should be one the kids can be left to
  • Additional Materials: the sky is the limit with this one, my boys use all kinds of random things for Imaginative play. We have had a fallen tree branch as a “bird hide”, an old cymbal made into a shield. Imaginative Play is….well imaginative
  • Fun factor: High – find your child’s area of interest and this will engage them for hours

5 Easy Kids Activities for the Work at Home Mumpreneur5 Easy Kids Activities for the Work at Home Mumpreneur5.Outdoor Play

  • Includes Sandpits, Trampolines, Swings but also parks and playgrounds
  • Preparation Required: Low – if you don’t have a great backyard setup just grab your laptop and hit the local park if you can find a fenced in one even better
  • Mess factor: Low – other than sand it’s pretty non-existent and it’s all outside anyway
  • Supervision: Medium – at home you should be setup in a pretty safe environment, a public park will require more supervision
  • Additional Materials: nothing though I am a fan of 2 sandpits to allow children to explore the schema of transporting
  • Fun factor: High – not only is outdoor play really beneficial and fun but it’s great as an adult to get out in the sun and fresh air as well.

Using these 5 areas to put some new ideas in your “I have to get some work done” magic kit will help you ensure your kids are exploring, learning and having fun while you work on your other passion in life – your business!

5 Easy Kids Activities for the Work at Home Mumpreneur

sharonprfileSharon Pegrum operates a successful Exective VA Business in Toodyay, WA.  She supports Heart Led Women in Business with a commitment to business growth and a connected interest in the goals and vision of their unique business. Sharon provides a professional service that meets the needs and creates space in her client’s business’ so they can share their important work more extensively with the world. A passionate writers she publishes 2 blogs – Black Cockatoo Business (www.blackcockatoobusiness.com/blog) and Natural Living with Sharon (sharonpegrum.wordpress.com)

Flying with Children in your own

flying with children on your own - Mumpreneurs WA

When I book a trip to Singapore and then onto the United Kingdom with my toddler, 20 months and my 4 years old everyone told me I was brave, some thought I was completely bonkers. I must a admit I was a bit nervous about flying with children on my own but not freak out like some people when I told them.  I wasn’t worried about the flight what I was worried about was customs.  Big lines, grumpy passengers and tired kids that were melting into a puddle and you know what? I was right. The flights were fine but customs was the worse of the trip but that was only a short amount of time it wasn’t a worry even though a bit stressful in the moment.  I mean I could of stayed home and had the same situation at Target, long line, tired kids, toddlers doing the running and a grumpy Mum.  I might as well do the same in Target as I do waiting in line at customs.  Yell at my kids to come back, run after them and then turn and apologise to the people behind me.  At least we get a holiday out of it.  

My top tips for flying with children on your own.

Don’t Stress

Don’t spend months stressing about the trip before had. There is nothing you can do about the trip from hell. If it’s the trip from hell, remember the trip will eventually come to an end. Nothing last forever and you will get there even if you are tired and bedraggled.  I am sure there has been other times with your children it have been harder like 3 days with gastro or stomach flu when both you and the kids are that sick.

Don’t Take Much Hand Luggage

Take as little hand luggage as possible. You only need a few little toys. I wrapped up some little toys they could unwrap and then play with.  I wrapped you muesli bars, a few packs of chips and popcorn and a couple of lollipops. Best item I wrapped up was bubbles.  The kids were thrilled and we blew bubbles in the our seats. This kept them amused for a while. If you are on a cheap flight take your iPad and load up the movies. The snacks are great on the cheap flights.  If you are going on a flight that gives you food like Qatar you won’t need many snack. On Qatar we got a toy bag you won’t need heap of toys either.


As soon as you get your visa or entering papers fill them out.  I did mine straight away so as the trip goes on and kids fall asleep on you or get ratty you won’t need to be trying to fill these in while trying to land or at customs. I did up a small piece of paper in my purse with all our passport numbers and flight numbers. Then I wasn’t having to open all the passports to find numbers this made it so much easier. 

Change of Clothes

Take a change of clothes for each of you.  This was my biggest item in my hand held luggage.  I rolled up a small change of clothes for each of us. You need a change for yourself as if they vomit on you you have a change for yourself.  This took up most of one back pack.   We didn’t need them in the end.  

Airport Strollers or Ask for a Buggy

If you have a baby or toddler ask when checking in if the ground crew in transit or at the other end can have a stroller ready.  In transit at Doha there was a stroller and this was fantastic and fast to walk across the terminal to catch our next flight. But when we got to London I had to struggle with tired children, my two back packs and no stroller. We had to walk from ages top get to customers with not a stroller anywhere and unhelpful airport staff.  On the way back from London in Doha I couldn’t see any strollers and it was the middle of the night.  I walked passed a buggy and asked if they could give a us lift.  They were so helpful and speed us across the other side of the airport. It was a lifesaver.  Ask if you need help and staff are always willing to help when you are carrying children.  

Baby Bottles and Lollypops

I had water in baby bottles for both my toddler and 4 year old. Sucking on a baby bottle was fun for the 4 year old and helped with her ear pressure. If you have ever sucked on a bottle you’ll know what I mean. It’s very hard to suck. The lollipops were good and more of a fun thing and distraction for them.  I didn’t take any lollies except the lollipops as I didn’t want them having too much sugar on the plane. 

Pillows and Blankets

I didn’t worry about taking our own pillows or blankets the plane had them except on our cheap first flight and it was easier not no be loaded down with more stuff.


Once again try and get a stroller to help you manage customs and toddlers doing the running.

Baggage Pick Up

Getting through this part on your own can be hard. The only advise have is grit your teeth, load up your bags and get out of there. You have nearly made it. 


A plane trip is an opportunity to stop and do nothing in our busy lives. You get to watch a movie, someone else serves you food and when all else fails buzz the airline host and get a wine with a vodka chaser.  Enjoyed the flights and have some time out. 

Frequently asked questions about traveling long haul flight on your own with children

Will it be stressful at times? yes

Will your children be tired? Yes

Will your children have fun? Yes

Will you get a break from the the dishes? Yes

Will your kids get sick or hurt themselves? Yes

Will you wish you had brought less in your hand luggage? Yes

Will your child cry? Yes

Will your children have a melt down? Yes

Will you have a melt down? Yes

Will your kids love the little presents? Yes

Will people be kind and help you? Yes

Will you do it all again? Yes

Do all of these things happen at home? Yes

Would you do a long haul flight again on my own? Absolutely

We have gotten our holidays and had a great time, this is what life is all about. Remember your kids get tired at home, they can get sick or hurt at home, you get tired and grumpy at home, all you have to do on the plane is look after them , no cooking or housework required. For me it can’t get any better than that.

 Looking for checklist and more information on traveling with children on flights. Check out these great websites for more information.

Nicole Avery Planning with Children – Travelling with Children

Corrine McDermott Have Baby will Travel – Checklists

Travel Mamas – Packing List

Kidspot – 7 must know to make flying a cynch

All the best with flying with your children whether it’s on your own or with someone. Enjoy and don’t stress about it.

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