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I QUIT.  Yes that’s right I Quit I have had enough. When enough is enough you have to let it go.  Don’t look so shocked we have all quit stuff over the years,  I have quit softball, I have quit smoking (thank God) and I have even quit biting one fingernail called stumpy.  So what am I quitting this time.  This time I quit self doubt.

Self doubt has been a useless friend of mine over the years.  A friend that is not really a very good friend at all.  Self Doubt has sat there and told me I am a fraud for years.  Which is probably why I smoked for so long. So it’s finally sayonara to you my old friend.

Self doubt you don’t get to tell me anymore that I am a fraud. I have proved you wrong so many, many times in my life and now.  Finally after 40 years of you showing up to mess with my head are no longer needed or wanted. In high school you told me I was dumb and I failed school but then after I left school I knew you were wrong. I went back to school and got my Bachelor in Arts majoring in Psychology and even went on to get a Graduate Diploma in Education.  Which spins me out as you always told me I was a bad speller. Which is still a touch true. But doesn’t mean I am dumb.

Then when I did get my Grad Dip and became a teacher, you told me I wasn’t a real teacher. That I couldn’t manage the class. Self doubt made me believe this was true and after having the class from hell I quit after a year.  Then after a few years I returned to teaching.  Self doubt you were wrong again. I am, in fact, a great teacher, I am organised, I have excellent time management skill and developed fantastic behaviour management skills.  You no longer rule my doubts in teaching.

Lastly I started my own business.  The business is slow to start and takes a lot of time. Self doubt you have been whispering in my ear again the same, old, tired and stupid messages of self doubt, fraud, not good enough, and not enough knowledge to know what you are doing.  Well it’s time for you to go. Self Doubt you have been eliminated.  I can’t stand the messages anymore. They quite simply are too old and too tired. Or maybe I am too old and too tired to care.  I have proved you wrong, time and time again.  My others friends determination,  strength, guts and drive have kicked your butt many times and they are the ones I now are listening to.

Good riddance to bad friends.

How about you? Do you need to quit some unwanted friends?  Who are they?

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  1. I’ve just let go of past situations and the people both associated and the cause of them.

    I’m living my best life without them in my life and that is enough for me. I wish them well for the future but beyond that, genuinely do not think of them at all.

    SSG xxx

  2. Oh that annoying voice. Just have to keep talking yourself up, to yourself!
    I am a big self doubter, but always seem to prove myself wrong. Much to my own surprise sometimes, and it feels good. Just have to be brave enough to push through those doubts!

    • I just got over it. I am really making a good effort to stop the talk when it starts and tell myself all the positives. So simple but it’s working.

  3. Developing a business takes time, we all have our good days and bad days! Funnily enough I do have a couple of actual friends, that lately I have been wondering, with friends like these who needs enemies? Might be time to move on …

    • Business does take time. It’s hard work. Sometimes you just need to move away for a bit when friends can get a bit negative. Then when you do see them it’s nice to catch up.

  4. I REALLY loved this post. Such a great message. Something we all need to hear. Thanks for having the courage to quit self doubt!!! Wish me the same.

    • Thanks Mel. All the best, when she chats to you stop her, she’ll get the message soon and stop bothering you.

  5. Oh yeah, self doubt and low self esteem certainly lurke around here a lot of the time. So hard to get rid of and certainly a work in progress. I think they always will be!

  6. So good! Self doubt seems to feed on the attention we give it. The more focus & headspace we allow it to have, the bigger it gets. When we start to fight back & replace self doubt with self belief, it seems to get quieter & gradually disappears altogether! What remains after self doubt is gone is our confidence- which is who we really are!

    • You are so right. The more we pay attention the worse it gets. I am listening to my other friends now.

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