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I QUIT.  Yes that’s right I Quit I have had enough. When enough is enough you have to let it go.  Don’t look so shocked we have all quit stuff over the years,  I have quit softball, I have quit smoking (thank God) and I have even quit biting one fingernail called stumpy.  So what am I quitting this time.  This time I quit self doubt.

Self doubt has been a useless friend of mine over the years.  A friend that is not really a very good friend at all.  Self Doubt has sat there and told me I am a fraud for years.  Which is probably why I smoked for so long. So it’s finally sayonara to you my old friend.

Self doubt you don’t get to tell me anymore that I am a fraud. I have proved you wrong so many, many times in my life and now.  Finally after 40 years of you showing up to mess with my head are no longer needed or wanted. In high school you told me I was dumb and I failed school but then after I left school I knew you were wrong. I went back to school and got my Bachelor in Arts majoring in Psychology and even went on to get a Graduate Diploma in Education.  Which spins me out as you always told me I was a bad speller. Which is still a touch true. But doesn’t mean I am dumb.

Then when I did get my Grad Dip and became a teacher, you told me I wasn’t a real teacher. That I couldn’t manage the class. Self doubt made me believe this was true and after having the class from hell I quit after a year.  Then after a few years I returned to teaching.  Self doubt you were wrong again. I am, in fact, a great teacher, I am organised, I have excellent time management skill and developed fantastic behaviour management skills.  You no longer rule my doubts in teaching.

Lastly I started my own business.  The business is slow to start and takes a lot of time. Self doubt you have been whispering in my ear again the same, old, tired and stupid messages of self doubt, fraud, not good enough, and not enough knowledge to know what you are doing.  Well it’s time for you to go. Self Doubt you have been eliminated.  I can’t stand the messages anymore. They quite simply are too old and too tired. Or maybe I am too old and too tired to care.  I have proved you wrong, time and time again.  My others friends determination,  strength, guts and drive have kicked your butt many times and they are the ones I now are listening to.

Good riddance to bad friends.

How about you? Do you need to quit some unwanted friends?  Who are they?

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How to become the go-to Authority in your Industry Review

how to become the go to authority in your industry review - Mumpreneurs WAThere’s so much to learn when going into business.  It can be quite overwhelming with everything you have to do. You have leads, sales, administration, marketing,  social media, time management and finally your professional development (whoops and personal development).  The two main professional development organisations I am learning from at the moment are the Business Station with their free government funded courses run by District 32 and courses created by Sarah Cordiner from Main Training. I love these two professional development businesses as they are jam their courses full of information you can use, it’s value plus with capitals.

I’d like to review and tell you about the course from Sarah Cordiner – How to become the go-to Authority in your Industry.  (Note this is not a paid for review and I paid for Sarah’s course).  If you want to get a sneak preview of some of the value Sarah has to offer check out her Youtube channel.  She has some great free content.

How to become the go-to Authority in your Industry is an awesome course. This course is jammed packed full of information to get you started in your field.  What I have liked best about this course is Sarah is easy to listen to, easy to understand and implement the information.  There are 40 modules in the course, there is information on how to get the best out of your social media, organise and automate it,  selling your products,  building your credibility and more. Seriously there is too much to list just go and check out it out for yourself.  This course has so much value in it you’d be nutter not to do it.

Since all of Sarah’s courses are online they are completely self paced.  I need that.  I don’t want to use up my precious babysitting credits to go to courses.  I also need a course that isn’t going to waste my time or money on up selling me.  I can do Sarah’s courses at the rate I want to, when I have time or am not so tired I will fall asleep on the computer and if I do I can go back to it.

What I really need to do now after completing the course is to go back through each module and start applying the information and techniques that Sarah is suggesting.  I am interested in getting things to be a lot more automated rather than doing it all, all the time.  A goal I want for the year and Sarah certainly makes it sound a lot easier, is automation and reduce some of the stress of running around all over the internet doing things.  Sarah give you lots of great website to help you do this.  Much easier to do this course and get all the information given to you than trying to nut it out yourself. I have been trying to nut it out and not really getting anywhere.

The next course I want to do it from Sarah is How to create your own Profitable Courses. Another awesome looking course.  I just noticed there is a free trial available for this.  Go and have a look.

NOTE:  I wrote this about a month ago and have only just got back to finishing this off now.  In this time Sarah Cordiner has offered our Mumpreneurs 10% off all of her courses.  You can see all the courses here.  There are a couple of freebie courses there to try and Sarah said if you use the code Mumpreneur you will be 10% off any course.  Wooo hooo.  I have done a lot of learning online and there’s only a few I rave about and Sarah’s is one.

Enough raving.  I am interested in what professional development you are doing? What courses are you doing? Who do you rave about?

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Why is a Startup Business so scary?

Why is a startup business so scary - Mumpreneurs WA

There are many types of businesses you can do, you can work from home, online, buy a shop, direct sales or multi level marketing.  I have done a couple of MLM business as I wanted my own business. These were great businesses and I wasn’t scared doing these businesses. Although there were scary things I had to learn like pick up the phone and ring people, follow up, ask for sales or parties. Those things scared me.  But a startup business from scratch is a whole another ball game in terms of scary.  So why is a startup business so scary?

A startup business has 5 huge scare points (no this is not Monster Inc).

You will fail miserably.

You’ll put your heart in soul into what you are doing. You want to succeed, you think you have a good idea but what if you start your business and it’s a complete and utter flop and you have to shut up shop.  There are two massively scary things about this 1. you have to go back to your job and 2. you’ve failed.  When I stopped my MLM businesses I didn’t really feel like I failed as I felt it was time to move on.  The businesses were good but not really my passion.  Plus it wasn’t my idea and I wasn’t the founder.  Being a founder you are doing it all from scratch, the colours, the logo, the flyers, the admin, the sales, the lot.  It’s all your ideas and work.  This is scary what if you get it wrong.

You will lose all your money.

Big, actually huge factor. What if you lose all your money? Or even worse your house?   Have you seen Gordon Ramsay’s Hotel Nightmares?? I mean some of those terrible hoteliers lose $100 000’s of dollars in bad businesses.  They are complete nutters who are dysfunctional which assures me I can’t be that bad.  But there is always that worry in the back of your head.

You don’t have enough time.

Being in startup there is so much to do and you have so many big ideas.  Like the old Chinese proverb says “The journey of 1000 miles starts with one step”. If I keeping making the steps then it will eventually come together. I have to remember I don’t need to sprint, a walk is ok and I will get there in the end. Also there is never enough time to get it all done. If you are a mum start up like myself you are stealing time from everywhere to get your stuff done.   It’s a bit like teaching there is always something to do.  This leads to my next point.  I could outsource but……

You don’t have enough money.

Some people have lovely angel investors (you can contact me anytime angels),  rich hubbies, or sponsors.  Some of us don’t.  I’d love to outsource some of my work while I get going but can’t.  I will as soon as I can.  One of my wonderful business buddies who runs Cherish Cherubs Babysitting who has slowly built her business to be a fantastic successful business gave me a great piece of advice. Keep doing it yourself until you absolutely have to then get people or systems on board. Don’t pay for things you don’t need yet.  AWESOME.  Thanks Suze.

You don’t know anything about business.

Lastly you don’t know anything about business.  It’s a long and steep learning curve.  There’s lots of learning and so much to get through if you want to be successful. Like anything the professional development road is never ending.  I am loving the learning and really starting to gain confidence in what I have learnt.  Not only am I gaining confidence in business but bring my prior professional skill set to the table is a huge help.  Even if you know nothing you can learn it.

So now you now why is a startup business so scary. My advice GO FOR IT.  If your not sure what you want to do.  Have a think about what is your passion? If you could go back to school what would you do? What do you regret not doing?  That will help you focus on what you could do.

And in the end, you know what, if you do fail you have learnt heaps which will undoubtedly take you to the next business or project you are suppose to work on.

Happy Starting up.

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