What Handbag do you use?

I envy women with older children for their gorgeous smaller handbags. I love hand bags and had many bags pre-children. I was at a networking on Thursday and one of my friends has started selling handbags and had her business launch on the weekend.  I loved her handbag and this got me thinking. What handbag do you use?  Is it functional, is it about the style or is it just like the lost city of Atlanta where everything gets lost?

Recently I did a big de-clutter and chucked out all my nightclub handbags and pre-children bags. You see I am currently using a red handbag the size of a small suitcase to go out for a morning. You think I was going overnight with everything that is in it. I think I could survive a few days in the outback with ease.

What Handbag do you use - Mumpreneurs WA

My red handbag I use most days is a practical handbag I can fit everything into it. This bag is nearly dead and I am stretching it out for a few more months and it’s gone. The bag is good for size but oh it does my head in as it takes me ages to find anything in the bottom. Packing for a morning out my handbag is packed to the brim, especially on a weekend. I have water bottles, dummies, nappies, wipes, purse, phone, snacks, tissues, diary, business cards and other bits and pieces your would not believe. The other day I was at the doctors and had to look for a tissue in my bag and saw a weird looking brown thing in my bag. I waited until I got home and it was half an old sausage. I was laughing so hard, so nice to be left some left overs from my toddler.

What Handbag do you use - Mumpreneurs WA

Now to my lovely bags. I have two non kid handbags for business days. I love these bags and can actually find things in them. A gorgeous black and white number and a nude colour bag. I feel like a normal and funky woman when I use these. It’s nice. Occasionally I can get away with using my nude handbag now I only have one toddler on the week days. We seem to be able to fit the basics in it.

Now back to my friend Naomi she has started selling the most stylish sunglasses, handbags and accessories with Feri. Her bag is gorgeous. I want three when my kids stop putting there left over sausages in it.  But I just have to share some of the great bags she has since I love handbags.  If you do love any of these or want to see more you can contact Naomi on her Faceboook page or browse her website.

What Handbag do you use - Mumpreneurs WA What Handbag do you use - Mumpreneurs WA  What Handbag do you use - Mumpreneurs WAWhat Handbag do you use - Mumpreneurs WA

Seriously aren’t the gorgeous.  Are you sporting a lovely handbag?  I hope so as it really does make you feel a million dollars to have a stunning bag.

Happy Handbag Day.

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  1. Thank you so much Julie for your lovely words and endorsement of the stunning Feri range. I had to laugh about the sausage in your bag, lol, we’ve all been there! Let me know when you need an upgrade from your red bag, we have some gorgeous items and new releases upcoming in April. Much love for your support x

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