What fills your Emotional Tank?

What fills your emotional tank - Mumpreneurs WA

After a hard week when you’re reaching empty what do you do to fill up your emotional tank?

On Sunday morning I turned on the TV to catch the morning news and the Sunday Service was on.  I never watch Sunday service shows but what the pastor was saying was so interesting. He asked this question. What fills your emotional tank? I loved this and it resonated with me big time.

The work life balance topic is very interesting to me. I have written previously on the life balance triangle. As mum’s it’s very easy for the triangle to get out of balance or the emotional tank to get empty and not be refilled. As parents we are giver’s and carers and it’s easy to go weeks without taking time for yourself. The tank gets empty.

So what does refilling your emotional tank mean? Refilling the emotional tank is doing things that make you feel good. Not making others feel good by what you have done for them. An activity that fills you up.  It refreshes and revitalises you. What are those things that make you feel awesome afterwards? Is it swimming? Running? Going for a lovely lunch? A simple walk at the river or beach? baking? Yoga? Film making? Cooking? Knitting? Crafts? The list is endless but it needs to be specific to you and your tank.  Something that you can do that makes you fill alive, wonderful, happy and refreshed.

I have let go some of the things that fill my emotionally tank over the last few years with having babies and being busy. One of my New Year resolutions this year is to go to the beach once a week by myself. I want to get back into swimming and surfing at the beach. I think my former glory days of tackling gnarly waves are long gone but even if I am just paddling out and sitting on my board it makes me feel amazing. The water has and always will give me a renewed sense of self, vision and relaxation like nothing can. It’s like the very ion’s from the water transmit into my body through osmosis and recharge my cells. I love the water, being near it, on it and in it.  This is why this is a priority for me and this is what refills my emotional tank.

So what can you do?  What fills your emotional tank?  Can you put a priority to fill your tank one day a week?

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  1. I find it really hard to know what fills my tank, honestly. Sometimes I just need to zone out to mindless TV that I’ve seen before, other times I need to go to the beach and walk around on my own. Some things only work at certain times or for certain moods though, so it’s just hard for me to choose which one I think I might need. I try to remind myself to just choose, because that’s better than doing nothing, but I’m not that great at that! It’s all a work in practice, basically 🙂

    • I think at different times we need different things. I need mindless reality TV, something I don’t have to think about.

  2. I think weekend batch cooking helps me feel like I’m starting the week on a positive note, pilates to help with stress, and Netflix for ‘just me’ time 🙂

  3. I’m finally doing something positive to fill my own emotional tank by building in some sort of exercise into my life everyday. Scheduling it in has been the best thing I ever did. I enjoyed a 5km walk this morning and it was so good for my soul. I hope you enjoy your trips to the beach, just for you Julie!

  4. At the moment it’s anything that gets me out of the house ON MY OWN! Like walking or getting out to take photos of anything. I recently went to the hairdresser after two years and had all my hair cut off. Was best feeling. It was part of my mantra last year ‘no guilt’, about allowing myself, and knowing it was ok to be selfish and look after me!

    • Wow you cut your hair off. Must look gorgeous. Good on you. But I agree ON MY OWN is definitely a refill on the tank.

  5. You are absolutely right, as a parent it’s so important to keep our emotional tank filled. Reading is mine. Although I think I probably need to do less of the reading until 2am lol!

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