5 ways to Declutter for the New Year

5 Ways to declutter for the New Year - Mumpreneurs WA

Once Christmas is over it’s full steam ahead for the New Year and decluttering.  I have been going full on with decluttering. Here are my 5 ways to declutter for the New Year.  They work everytime and are great when you are feeling bogged down and need a good re-fresh to clean your house and mind.  I love sorting the house out to sort my head out. Actually I am lying LOL.  I don’t love it and if I could afford a housekeeper I would. But I do love when you have gotten on top of the clutter how you feel with being focused.

5 Ways to Declutter for the New Year


Roll in the green wheelie bin.

This is an all time favourite of mine.  Don’t take stuff out to the wheelie bin.  Just roll the whole bin into your house, plock it in the of the room and start chucking out the clutter.  If you have never done this it’s really empowering.  Just get rid of it.

Move your furniture around.

I did this two days ago.  Completely turned my lounge/dining  room around.  Awesome!!  It looks fantastic and works much better for the space I have.  With moving everything around you have to take out stuff and once I have moved around the room last thing I want to do is put all the stuff back in.

Donate to charity or women refuge.

When you roll your wheelie bin in, have a box for charity. But take note,  don’t give broken, too old, stained or if you wouldn’t wear it yourself (ie has gone into balls on the jumper) bin it. It surprises me that people give old stuff and stained stuff when they move on it on to charity or pass it to a friend. Have a good look at it, be critical of what you are passing on or passing down to a friend.  I once had a lady who I didn’t even know, drop of a bag of clothes at my front door. A friend had told her I had  a baby and she gave me all her crap.  I was annoyed for a few reason, not only did I not give my permission for my address to be given out but the stuff was old.  I threw it straight in the bin.  Plus she didn’t even knock on my door she dropped and ran.  My friend text me later to tell me her friend had dropped off clothes and was too embarrassed to knock on the door (I didn’t even respond to the text either). Too right I would of been embarrassed to.  Just because I am a single Mum does mean I am a rubbish bin.  Please only pass on the good stuff, then rest belongs in the wheelie bin in the middle of the room (Sorry rant over and out).

If you are going to donate to the women refuge ring them before you go to see they need anything. I have rung before and they were not taking anything. It will save you a trip.

Get it on Gumtree.

Gumtree is awesome.  When I get on a roll, if it’s not nailed down I will sell it.  You make a little bit of cash and someone else gets bargain.  Pitfalls of Gumtree is that someone can say they are coming over and don’t turn up.  Grrr.

Pay it Forward.

How great is the Pay it Forward page.  I have seen some amazing things give away. There is one bloke who collects old bikes, does them up and pays it forward. The other day I saw he has done over 600. What a champion.  Pay it Forward 🙂

If you are still on holidays I imagine you are probably doing all of these at the moment.  It’s nice to have a bit of extra time to get stuck in to it all before school, work and busy sports times start.

These are my top 5 ways to declutter for the New Year. What are yours?

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