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Follow your passion - Mumpreneurs WALast night I had the most amazing conversation with a very dear friend of mine, Donna Hanks who has in the last two weeks published her first book on Amazon (both ebook and paperback).  Her book I Love You has taken three years to publish.  We spoke about following your passion and doing what you want to do.  Donna didn’t know that I had a couple of books in the pipeline and was also ready to publish when she did.  We screamed with laughter about how much we loved doing the books and only making $3 to pay for part of the champagne to celebrate.  When she comes to Perth next we are having an Amazon party to celebrate these big milestones.  Congratulations Donna so very proud of your achievement and I love your book.

Follow your passion - Mumpreneurs WAThen this morning on ABC 24 hours news I saw the most inspiring story about a guy called Adrian Bennett.  Adrian Bennett runs the the Mad Max 2 Museum in Silverton NSW.  Now you might be thinking what is so inspiring about that. Here’s the story about Follow your passion Mad Max.

Follow your passion - Mumpreneurs WA

Adrian Bennett saw the Mad Max movie in England in 1981 and loved it.  Adrian said “If you had told me 34 years ago that I’d be living in outback Australia running a Mad Max Museum I would’ve laughed”  You’d think he was really mad if he had actually said that 34 years ago.  Adrian had an obsession for all things Mad Max but didn’t really start collecting for the Museum until he got to Australia. In 2009 his wife finally agreed to move to Silverton Australia and in 2010 he opened the Mad Max 2 Museum.

Follow your passion - Mumpreneurs WA

Silverton is a small town with a population of 35, near Broken Hill and 1200km west of Sydney.  Silverton is where they originally filmed the first Mad Max.  Silverton is an Australian icon, so many films have been filmed here such as Pricillia Queen of the Desert,  Dirty Deeds,  Mission Impossible 2 and many more.  Silverton gets over 10 000 visitors per year passing through.

When Adrian got to Silverton he said “I knew I was meant to be here”.  I love this.  Adrian set up his Museum and the journey has not been with out challenges. One of the biggest challenges was being in an outback town that hits temperatures of 53 degrees in the summer. Now that is tough going for anyone especially for someone from England to get used to it.

Follow your passion - Mumpreneurs WA

What struck me about Adrian story is a couple of things. His passion was Mad Max and he followed his passion all the way to Australia.  To leave everything you know to move country is huge and not only to move to another country but a very small town in the middle of the outback.  Then when you get there you knew with all your heart that you were suppose to be there.  This blows me away.  Adrian’s Facebook page now has over 12000 likes, brilliant hey. Congratulations Adrian.

Follow your passion - Mumpreneurs WA

You can join Adrian on his Facebook Page,  ring him on 08 80886128 or Email:

A big thank you for Adrian for letting me use his awesome pictures from his Facebook page.

The lesson for me from this inspiring story is DO IT and it doesn’t matter what that it is.  Start doing it, start putting it together, the conditions don’t have to be right, it doesn’t have to be perfect you just need to start it.  This week I have always wanted to publish books. I did that this week. I didn’t have any money to do it so I self published for free on Amazon. What a great learning curve and now I feel more confident to publish my other books which I wrote back in 2012.

On Friday I published my first episode of Mum-tales on my You-Tube channel. This was far from perfect as I clicked the wrong button on editing and it blurred out my face. I didn’t even know I had done this until the next day. But a few people had still watched and gave positive feedback on my blurry face. Funny.  Thank you. So Ooopps. I had to fix and re-publish.  What I do is not perfect but I am loving what I am doing. I believe in all my heart this is what I am suppose to be doing.  I am following my passions, it may be a slow road but I feel happy with it.

What is your passion?  Are you doing it?  What is stopping you?

All I can say is follow your passion Mad Max.

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  1. Great article Julie and congratulations on the book. I 100% agree with you. You just have to start somewhere, and keep building on that and not everything has to be right or in place to start (otherwise you might never start). I’m finding all of this with my business and running a market stall. My stall might not have looked perfect last time or next time but I’ve started and that’s all that matters, the rest will come.
    Thanks for reminding me of this as I get plagued by doubt 1 week out from my next market, it’s just the boost I need. Just get on with it, things will improve with time and practice.

    • You are doing great Muriel,we just have to keep plugging away at it all and trying. Thank you for your great and positive support.

  2. We’ve been to Silverton! I was going to say I don’t remember the Mad Max museum, but that would be because we went in 2001 😉 . Mr 21 collects movie memorabilia and movie props and costumes (expensive hobby), maybe one day he could open a museum too !

  3. What an inspiring post, go Adrian! Yes, I’m finally following my passion and I have my son to thank. If it weren’t for me having my son 4 years ago, I wouldn’t have been at home with nothing to do and I wouldn’t have started writing. Now I get paid to write and paid for my ‘digital’ knowledge and I love it!

    Found you via My Home Truths!

  4. This is an inspiring story, as is yours Julie. Congrats on getting your book out there and for pressing play on your YouTube channel. I’ve finished my first draft of a book and have started a couple of others. My aim for 2016 is to get them finished, edited and up on Amazon. I think 2015 has been all about adjusting to working from home (with lots of other curve balls thrown my way!), finding my passion and positioning myself for a more productive and positive 2016. I hope it’s the same for you too!

    • Thank you Kirsty. I look forward to your book hitting Amazon. 2015 has been a big year for you and you will have an awesome 2016.

  5. Interesting post … especially when finding what I want to do, what my passion is for, is something at the front of my mind.
    Everyone has something different they enjoy, which is a good thing because otherwise this world would be a boring old place.
    I haven’t actually seen any of the Mad Max movies but good on him for following his dreams.

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