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Welcome to the MUMPRENEURS WA website.  It’s here!!

Welcome to the Mumpreneurs WA website. Soo thrilled and excited to finally have the website up and running.  Today we are making a start and Mumpreneurs Business Directory is here!!!

I am so excited to present the Business Directory for you. This is will be place you can register your business for free if you are a Mumpreneur both on our Facebook Group and get our Newsletter (subscribe for free on the left side of the website plus get a free 2016 Business Planner).  My goal is to offer a place to advertise your business, or if you need a product or service you can support Mumpreneur Businesses and not get lost on the Facebook page.  I know a few times I have wanted to find a business I saw and then couldn’t find it again.  Don’t worry if there are multi businesses that are the same, remember people pick you for different reason – they have met you, they like your name (true heard this many times), or you live close to them.  If there is a major category that you think is missing please message me with the category idea.  Click here and put your business in our directory.

The website is not complete and all perfect and shiny but then again neither am I. All that will all come. I am currently looking at working with Edith Cowan University on the Vocational Placement Program in 2016.  If I get picked,  it won’t happen till at least March next year. But for now I have learnt a few skills blogging and can get up the basics and get going.  I love pottering along with blogging and working on Worpress it’s fun even if it can be frustrating at times.

I truly believe you can’t wait for the perfect condition to get an idea or start the road to your goals.  If I did wait around for the right conditions in my life I wouldn’t have achieved most on my life goals.  I am more a big picture person than a small details person and tend to just try and go for it and worry about the smaller details later.

Here’s to Making a Start and Mumpreneurs Business Directory.  I hope you like our Business Directory and website with more wonderful and exciting things to come in 2016 for you.  Pop your business in the business directory.

What do you think?  Do you like it?  Leave a comment and say hello.

Have an awesome day.

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